Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Making the Most of Winter Break

Congratulations! You’ve made it to finals and there’s a well-deserved break waiting at the end of the semester.

As we head into the holidays and January intersession, I wanted to encourage you to use this time to schedule a virtual appointment with an advisor at the Center for Career Design & Development to discuss your goals for internships and your career – or to have your resume reviewed so you can start applying for the many great opportunities that are available to you.

While you are away from campus, I invite you to explore and take advantage of all of the great resources available on the Hofstra Career Hub.

Check out the activities that are recommend based on your academic year on the Career Hub, but also try to complete the checklist below:

□ Build out your Handshake profile! Did you know that approved employer partners can reach out to you directly with opportunities once your profile is public? To fully participate in our spring recruiting events, you will need to have a public profile – so now is a great time to get started.

□ Search Handshake and UCAN for internships and start applying for spring and summer 2021 opportunities now.

□ Read a career guide related to your industry of interest on Vault, then check out Vault’s rankings to learn more about companies where you may be interested in working.

□ Practice virtual interviewing with Big Interview. Check out the new “answer builder” to help you craft answers to challenging questions.

□ Focus on skill building to make yourself more marketable by taking a course, participating in a micro-internship, or volunteering. Speak with a Career Advisor to discuss which of these options makes the most sense for you.

□ Search LinkedIn or ASK for Hofstra University alumni who are successful in your field and aim to schedule informational interviews with them to learn more about the current landscape and to get advice.

Good luck on finals! We look forward to helping you make the most of your winter break.

Michelle L. Kyriakides

Executive Director

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Summer Internship Deadlines are Closer than they Appear

As we transition to remote learning after next week, and then into winter break, you will find that things are quieting down on the academic front, but summer internships applications are just beginning to open (if they haven’t already)! Be smart about using your winter break time to apply so you don’t miss deadlines or find yourself scrambling to get your materials in order before an application closes. “Bigger companies often have very early summer deadlines. Mid-sized companies usually have either February, March, or April deadlines,” says Penny Loretto from The Balance Careers.


If you are reading this and thinking, “An April deadline. That is months away! I have plenty of time.” Think again. Handshake, Hofstra’s job and internship database, posted this article on their blog which recommends starting to prepare your applications at least four months in advance. Why so early? Handshake says (and we agree) “Because you’re also going to want some feedback! If you can avoid it, never send your first draft in an application.” Home for the holidays? Remote learning? Having your resume and cover letter reviewed by our office is easy, even though you are away from campus. We are offering virtual resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn reviews, either via email or Zoom. Log into Student Success Connect on the portal to make a virtual appointment or to find your Career Advisor’s email address for written feedback.

This fall has definitely been a semester to remember. Now it’s time to look ahead and make a plan for this summer to be one you will never forget. Find that dream internship and reach out to The Center for Career Design and Development to help you apply!

Elizabeth A. Sposato

Senior Associate Director of Career Development and Assessment

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Thankful: Pandemic Edition

While the world seems upside down during these times of uncertainty and the semester is coming to an end, let us take a step back to reflect on what we are thankful for. 

Are you thankful that Hofstra was able to have on-campus housing? While it may not be what you expected or not as fun, are you thankful to be away from home for a bit?  

Are you thankful for hybrid learning giving you the opportunity to commute less to campus and save wear and tear on your car?  

Are you thankful that there was an on-line option so you could be at home safe and still finish your studies? 

Are you thankful for having more time with your parents, grandparent or siblings because deep down you missed them? 

Are you thankful for Zoom because it provided you a way to connect with people differently? 

Are you thankful the pandemic made you rethink your life and you are now on a better path? 

What are you thankful for? Maybe it is TikTok because you can always get a good laugh when you are feeling down.  

Are you thankful to the Center for Career Design and Development for having something called Network with Pride on Youtube so you can so industry research? 

What are you thankful for?

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, 

Lorraine Massiah                                                                                 

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Interviewing is 'Scary'

It’s beginning to look a lot like FALL! The weather is getting cooler, the leaves are changing and its officially Spooky Season! With all the fun Fall activities, apple picking, pumpkin carving, haunted houses, it is important to also remember that Fall also brings internship opportunities. Many companies who are recruiting for spring semester interns have started posting about their opportunities. And in the theme of all things spooky…let’s talk about the spookiest part of the internship process. THE INTERVIEW (queue dramatic scary music)! 
Interviewing can be scary, especially in these virtual times. Below are some important tips to help ease the interview jitters, so that you can save the “scaries” for all those Halloween movies. 

DO YOUR RESEARCH on the industry, company and the position. Researching is an important part to preparing for an interview. Know the companies mission statement, what they do, current industry trends, and the people that work there. LinkedIn is a great tool to help with research before an interview! 
KNOW YOURSELF- practice your elevator pitch before an interview. Know your skills, interests, values, goals and your story! Also know why you are interested in that company and position that you are interviewing for. Knowing these things about yourself will help with the scariest question of all, “Tell me about yourself.” 
TELL YOUR STORY- an interview is a way for the employer to get to know you and your story, and you have to sell it. Think of your top 10 “drop the mic moments,” the things that you are most proud of. Remember to make sure that you talk about those 10 moments when you are on the interview, they are a part of your story. 
DRESS TO IMPRESS- it is better to be overdressed! Think about the company culture and how your attire for the interview will fit into the company. 
DON’T “GHOST” YOUR INTERVIEWER- always send a “thank you” email within 24-48 hours after an interview to everyone you met with that day. Mention something specific you talked about with each person to give it an extra personal touch. 
Want more interviewing tips? Make an appointment for an “Interview Practice/ Preparation” with the Center for Career Design and Development, or practice with our newest interviewing tool, Big Interview! 


Cheryl Posner
Career Advisor, Liaison to the Lawrence Herbert School of Communication


Wednesday, October 7, 2020

"Virtually" Everything You Need For Our Fall Career Fairs!

I know, I know, you're tired of the phrase "the new normal."  So am I. However, we can't deny that things that we didn't even know about last year are now part of our every-day life. Take virtual career fairs, for example.  In all my years of working in career services, I had never coordinated a virtual career fair until Covid struck.  Now, I've already had 2, and we have 3 more this semester.

What's a virtual career fair?  Well, it can mean different things, depending on what platform a school is using.  In our case, we are using Handshake, a platform that I hope many of you are familiar with.  In Handshake's case, engagement with employers takes place after students sign up for 1-1 and group sessions.  So, that means that you need to put some work in even before the fair.  Here's a to-do list:

  • Make sure that your Handshake profile is complete. Check for any inaccuracies in your class year, GPA, or anything else.  Let us know if you see anything that needs to be changed.
  • Click "register" on the Handshake fair page.
  • Take a look at the employers who have registered. Check back frequently because we are receiving new registrations almost every day.
  • Review the scheduled 1-1 sessions and group sessions.  If a registered employer has not created their schedule yet, check back.
  • Register for 10 minute 1-1 slots, and 30 minute group sessions.  Be open-minded! Try to fill your schedule as much as possible so that you can engage with many employers.  You can sign up for sessions up until the time of the session, but don't wait, some schedules will get filled before the day of the fair.
  • Make sure that your resume is updated.  
  • Check your privacy settings in Handshake and be sure to have yours set to "community."  That means that once you sign up with an employer, that employer can see your profile.
  • Research the employers that you are meeting with.
  • Plan what to wear, and we don't just mean from the waist down!
  • Consider where you will be at the time of the fair. Do you have a quiet place? Will there be noise distractions?
  • Test your audio and visual technology before the fair. We highly recommend using Chrome for our virtual fairs.
  • Know that our office will have a Zoom room set up for any questions that you have during the fair.
  • Participate in our Prepare For the Fair Career Conference on 9/28 (information on Handshake) to get your resume, job search and career fair questions answered. Plus, it will give you practice using the system!
Virtual Career Fair Dates:
Fall Career & Internship Fair (for all majors) 10/7 from 11-2 EST
Engineering & Computer Science Career & Internship Fair 10/21 from 11-2 EST
School of Communication Career & Internship Fair 10/28 from 11-2 EST

The Center for Career Design & Development is here to answer any questions that you have. Call us at 516-463-6060 or send us an email at

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Networking and Informational Interviews

You may have heard that networking is more important than ever and wondering why. During a difficult job market, it is essential to stay connected and build your connections. More importantly, networking is the number one way you will find your next job or internship. The next time a company has an opening for a full-time position or internship, the first thing that most hiring managers will do is ask their colleagues if they know of anyone who is looking for an opportunity. If you just recently networked, YOU are that someone who is looking and they will hopefully think of you, share the opportunity with you, and potentially consider you for an interview.

Young professionals often network for a variety of reasons and discover information about:
An industry/field and a specific company/organization
How to gain access to the "hidden" job market
Guidance and advice and to expand your network
How to learn updated information regarding how a company recruits
How to help contacts know what you want to do and how they can help
How to build your connections

Networking is simply establishing a link with another person and fortunately, people like to talk about themselves and most people enjoy giving guidance and advice.  Other professionals want to help you with your internship/job search, they just don't know how.  Networking is the perfect way that they can help. You can initiate the process by setting up networking meetings (aka informational interviews). You can start things off by reaching out to a known connection (a friend, colleague, professor, coach, family member, friend of a friend, etc.) and asking if they have 15-20 minutes to speak with you and share information about their own career path and any advice they would have for young professionals. After your meeting, you can connect with them via LinkedIn and ask if they have anyone in their network who they would be comfortable introducing you to and you can then reach out to establish a new connection - and the process of growing your network continues.

Sometimes these types of informal networking meetings happen on the job, in an airport, in a coffee shop, etc. Given the unique circumstances we find ourselves in at the moment, some of the face to face networking opportunities will not happen organically. You can take initiative to outreach to set up these meetings via phone or zoom. At Hofstra University, the Center for Career Design and Development created a brand new online networking program, Network with Pride. Each Wednesday at 12:15pm EST, you can join a networking meeting via zoom and meet with professionals from a variety of industries to learn about their career path, tips/advice that they have for Hofstra students and alumni, and you can ask specific questions. Check Handshake for dates/times.

Set a goal to participate in at least 1-3 networking meetings a semester and you will be well on your way to building your connections. Each time you make a new connection, you build your network and position yourself for the next internship or job. 


Jenna Campolieta
External Relations Coordinator | The Center for Career Design and Development

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Thank You from the Career Center!

To state the obvious, this semester has been far from traditional. With unforeseen circumstances turning our world upside down, I am more than proud of how the Hofstra student body has prevailed. Through resiliency, dedication, and determination, the Pride has become stronger than ever and is standing together in unity. Despite any and all adversity, Hofstra students have been able to meet their semester goals and run through the finish line. Each and every day, Hofstra students prove to be an
inspiration, both professionally and academically.

Over the summer, the Career Center is still here to assist in your professional endeavors. If there are any documents (resumes, cover letters, personal statements) you’d like to have reviewed via email at this time, or if you’d like to schedule a meeting via Zoom, we are here for you. We are more than happy to help you navigate through these virtual times.

Some appointment options that are still available to you are:

· Document Reviews
· Internship/Job Search
· Practice Interviews
· Career/Major Exploration
· Strength/Skill Building

On behalf of Hofstra’s Career Center, we just want to thank you for your adaptability and dedication to your professional grown! We hope you have a wonderful, safe, and healthy summer!

Sabrina Iaria
Career Advisor