Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Thank You from the Career Center!

To state the obvious, this semester has been far from traditional. With unforeseen circumstances turning our world upside down, I am more than proud of how the Hofstra student body has prevailed. Through resiliency, dedication, and determination, the Pride has become stronger than ever and is standing together in unity. Despite any and all adversity, Hofstra students have been able to meet their semester goals and run through the finish line. Each and every day, Hofstra students prove to be an
inspiration, both professionally and academically.

Over the summer, the Career Center is still here to assist in your professional endeavors. If there are any documents (resumes, cover letters, personal statements) you’d like to have reviewed via email at this time, or if you’d like to schedule a meeting via Zoom, we are here for you. We are more than happy to help you navigate through these virtual times.

Some appointment options that are still available to you are:

· Document Reviews
· Internship/Job Search
· Practice Interviews
· Career/Major Exploration
· Strength/Skill Building

On behalf of Hofstra’s Career Center, we just want to thank you for your adaptability and dedication to your professional grown! We hope you have a wonderful, safe, and healthy summer!

Sabrina Iaria
Career Advisor

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Keep Your Friends Close and Your Alumni Connections Closer

As the old saying goes, “it’s not always what you know, but who you know”. Especially in these virtual times, it is imperative to focus on expanding your professional network. These connections could be amongst colleagues, family, friends, professors, administrators and other professionals within your target industry. Some of the most profound connections that you can make during these times and beyond are with fellow Hofstra alumni.

In your attempts to remain active on LinkedIn, be sure to check out the Hofstra homepage. Here, you will be able to search through Hofstra graduates that may be working in a field that you aspire to be part of. Connect with those who have experiences that most directly relate your goals in an effort to make a name for yourself within your target industry. These connections will point you in the right direction in terms of companies and professional associations to look into!

You may also come across alumni who have previously graduated with the same major as you and are now working in the professional world. If you are unsure about how to best utilize your degree post-grad, talking to alumni and hearing their experiences is an awesome way for you to gain insight and ideas about where you see your professional self in the years to come.

The Hofstra network is constantly active and forever growing. Alumni, world-wide, are always looking to lend an extra hand to help a fellow Hofstra graduate. Having Hofstra as a common ground provides you with a foot in the door as you start to expand your network. Don’t hesitate to ask for an informational interview or any pro tips to propel you forward as a professional. Remember - once a part of the Pride, always a part of the Pride!

For more information about how to leverage your Hofstra network and request an information interview with an alumni, schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor today!

Sabrina Iaria
Career Advisor

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Supply and Demand: Supplying the Skills that are in Demand During COVID-19

With COVID-19 becoming the focal point of society, it is important to understand how your skills, education, and experiences qualify you for the in-demand jobs and internships of today. Whether you
are graduating and seeking a full-time job, or looking to land your first internship, here are some tips to help get your foot in the door:

1. Focus on Who’s Hiring: Tech companies, healthcare, financial services, and business software companies are still hiring. Check out the list of those companies who are still accepting applications, as well as those who are currently on a hiring freeze:

2. Explore Micro-Internships: Micro-internships are short term-project based assignments. These experiences allow you to explore career paths, expand your skills, and develop professional networks during these virtual times. With the majority of micro-internships ranging from 5-40 hours of work, it is easy to gain experience from multiple companies in a short period of time.

3. Create a Plan to Turn Your Internship Virtual: Whether you’ve already accepted an internship prior to the virtual shift or are still networking, brainstorm ways to make your opportunity work without stepping foot in the office. Be prepared to discuss how you can help on specific initiatives that have been impacted by COVID-19 and show your employer that your essential to their efforts.

4. Be Mindful of the Applicant Tracking System: With everyone applying to opportunities online, talent acquisition professionals are being flooded with applications. In order to get yourself noticed and through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), it is important to customize your resume for each job you apply to. Focus on the language within the job description and match it to your resume. The more key words you use, the better!

For more information on how to leverage your skills and land opportunities during COVID-19, schedule a Career Center appointment today through CONNECT!

Sabrina Iaria
Career Advisor

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Coping and Connecting in Today’s Virtual World

When in the office, or on the job hunt, one of the things we all look for is a work-life balance. We crave a professional environment that speaks to who we are as individuals and who we believe are our most authentic selves. We pride ourselves on the lives we build that not only go beyond the 9-5 workday, but compliment it. Family gatherings, social outings with friends, and events we all look forward to are key elements to the lives we choose to live.

Managing that work-life balance shouldn’t stop now. As important as it is to keep up with schoolwork, the job search, and other professional development opportunities, it is also imperative
that we take the time to cope and connect with those who help aid in our balancing acts. Family dinners via Zoom, virtual game nights with friends, and the 3-mile walk you strive to take every day are all part of your growth process, even if it is not directly related to your professional development.

You have learned to navigate your online education and the virtual job search, so what is stopping you from integrating your connections in these newfound times? Where there is a will, there is a way!

For more information on how to cope and connect during the virtual shift, register for today's Workshop Wednesday on Handshake!

Sabrina Iaria
Career Advisor

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

It's All "Fair" Game Now

With our social-distancing lifestyles in full effect at this point, it is important to leverage the good that comes with this new normal. The bulk of companies have moved into the “work from home” model, and the office is starting to look a lot like your kitchen table. How, you might ask, could this be a good thing?

Remote employment gives you the opportunity to apply for jobs that may not have been within your prior scope with regard to locational boundaries. For instance, let’s say your dream is to work in the corporate office of your favorite makeup company that happens to be located across the country. As someone who is graduating or just looking for a summer internship, that type of move might not have been realistic- until now! You may be able to land that experience from your very own couch.

You might also take this time to apply for positions that might not have been on your radar before but are needed in today’s workforce. Leverage remote opportunities that are being offered by companies that are functioning in an essential capacity.

What better way to find these opportunities than at the upcoming Virtual Career Fair? Employers will be from various industries and will be seeking to fill full-time, part-time and internship positions. Pre-registration is necessary at, where you can find more information including a list of participating companies. The Virtual Career & Internship Fair is Wednesday, April 15th from 10am - 2pm EST.

This event is not bound to a given location, making all opportunities “fair” game! Find the registration link through Handshake now!

Sabrina Iaria
Career Advisor

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Turn Your Idle Time into Your Ideal Time

As we all settle in to our new routines, it is important to stay productive. While 6 hours of Netflix binge-watching seemed like a good idea in the beginning, it is no secret that we are all missing the routine we once had. Now that we’ve all finished watching Tiger King and debriefed with our family and friends via Zoom, we should start getting down to business.

It is now time to turn your idle time into your ideal time, especially when it comes to your career. Take this time to become familiar with your anticipated or current career path in ways you might not have had the time to before. Consider these topics when conducting your research:

Dream Companies vs Safety Companies: Similar to your college search, draft a list of both dream and safety companies to work for. Research their mission statements to determine if their values align with yours, understand the responsibilities of the role you wish to take on, and stay up to date on company news via social media.

Your Projected Salary: Are your salary expectations appropriate for your new career? Does your lifestyle align with your projected salary? Is money a driving factor for you as you move forth as a professional?

Locational Boundaries: Is your dream profession limited to a particular location? If so, are you willing to make the move for your career? Understanding the potential sacrifices you may have to make for your career choice is an important step to take before the overall leap.

Industry Culture: What do you value in an office culture? Do you prefer autonomy, or do you thrive in a collaborative setting? Leverage LinkedIn connections to gain real-world testimonials from professionals in your industry.

The End Goal: If you are interested in a particular industry, it is important to understand the level of education that is required to accomplish your end goal. Whether you need a master’s degree or a Ph.D., you should manage your expectations and determine if additional schooling is something that you can/are willing to take on in the future.

While these trying times may not be ideal, the way you spend your time can be. Exploring these aspects of your potential career path is something you might not have thought of or had the time to do before. Take advantage of your idle time and navigate towards your ideal career path.
For more information on how to design your career goals and path, schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor by using the Student Success CONNECT app on your Hofstra portal!

Sabrina Iaria
Career Advisor

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Building a Professional Online Presence

As we all settle in to these virtual times, some of us find ourselves searching for ways to keep busy in a productive way. We are creating schedules, exercising, learning new recipes, and getting ahead of the assignments and lectures that come with online learning. Even with all of that going on, we may find some idle time on our hands without knowing what to do with it. We may be asking ourselves - what now?

Thinking about your professional online presence and how you are being perceived in this virtual world is a great way to maximize your time. Consider these quick tips for creating an online image that catches the eyes of your dream employers:

1. Google Yourself: Googling yourself is a great way to see what others are seeing when they search you on the internet. Is there someone out there with the same name as you? If so, you might want to consider using your middle name or a middle initial to differentiate you from someone else. You wouldn’t want an employer to mistake you for someone you’re not - especially if their Google search isn’t too clean!

2. Update Your Profiles: While today’s in-person networking opportunities must be put on hold, it is important to make sure you are bringing your A-game to the World Wide Web. Consider visiting your LinkedIn and Handshake profiles and updating them to reflect the true professional you are. Check to see if your experiences are up to date, that your headshot is professional, and that your “About” sections truly speak to what you are looking for as a professional. Try to keep your online profiles as synonymous with your resume as possible - you never know which an employer will see first!

3. Clean-up Your Personal Accounts: Take this time to look through your personal social media accounts/posting history to make sure they reflect the true and current you. It is important that the values you showcase on the World Wide Web align with the missions and values of your targeted companies.

4. Stay Relevant: Creating a professional online presence for yourself is a great way to get employers to notice you. Specifically, with LinkedIn, it is important to stay active. If you find an interesting article on Forbes that you’d like to share or see a conversation you’d like to join in on - now is the time! Don’t forget to continue establishing connections on LinkedIn, too - you never know who you might come across!

For more information on how to leverage your online resources to create your virtual brand, schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor by using the Student Success CONNECT app on your Hofstra portal!

Sabrina Iaria
Career Advisor