Friday, October 31, 2014

Scared You Won’t Get a Spring Internship?

Don’t let these events sneak up on you…

As a child, we are scared by ghosts and ghouls.  But now, as a college student, missing spring internship deadlines can elicit a frightening shriek.  Plan ahead so you don’t give your roommate a heart attack! 

Enjoy your costume parties, scary movies or other plans for this spooky day but come November, here are two internship events you can attend to ward off any bad omens. 

JAGUAR FREIGHT Paid Rotational Internship Program Info Session
November 5th 3:30-5 in The Career Center
The rotational program covers operations, marketing & sales, social media, finance, accounting, and information technology.  Yes, it is paid, now there is a treat!  They are seeking undergraduate and graduate students in any major for an internship starting January 2015. This is a great chance for any student to get a well-rounded view of an international logistics company.

NORDSTROM’S Paid Retail Management Internship Info Session
November 14th 2pm at Nordstrom’s, The Roosevelt Field Mall, 3rd Floor
This internship is designed to jumpstart your career and prepare you to move into an assistant department manager role.  You’ll rub elbows with some of the top performers at Nordstrom and learn from the best while earning competitive commission based pay and merchandise discounts.  Discounts at Nordstrom’s?  Yes please!  This program is open to active college students who will be graduating in 2015 or 2016. 

Right now, talking to employers might seem scarier than hanging out at a graveyard past midnight but trust me, it is all smoke and mirrors.  The scary employer in a suit ready to interrogate you is not the norm.  They want to put you at ease to get to know you, and hopefully hire you.  Check out these events and you will realize there is nothing to fear.

Thanks for checking in with The Career Center blog and we hope you have a very spooky day (insert scary laugh).

Happy Halloween,

Deanna Rodin, Associate Director

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hit a Home Run in your Job and Internship Search

Last night, the San Francisco Giants won the World Series in 7 games, in a great ending to an exciting postseason. In baseball, like all professional sports, each season comes with many ups and downs. It got me thinking about how these ups and downs of the season can resemble our searches for internships or full-time positions!

Training pays off!
When our favorite teams come back to the game for Spring Training, it’s easy to pin-point who has (and hasn’t) spent their off-season staying in shape. The same holds true for your job search process; even if you’ve already secured an internship for the coming semester or a job for after you graduate, use that time to update your resume and cover letter or brush up on your interviewing skills to be in tip-top shape so you can hit the ground running for your  next search!

In a slump? Don’t worry!
Players very often find that at some point in the season, they don’t hit or field as well as they had at the beginning of the season. You may hit similar slumps in your search process, but keep going! One day, you may wake up to find that all of a sudden, you’ve hit your stride again and are out of the slump!

Finish strong!
Just as a postseason series might go all 7 games (as we just saw last night!), you may have to go through multiple interviews with a company for a job or internship position. Keep your energy up through each of these interactions, and make sure you show your enthusiasm!
There are 162 games in each baseball season, and no team wins every single game. Similarly, you may not get called back for an interview for every position for which you’ve sent in a resume. But by being prepared, showing up, and giving your all to each and every opportunity, you set yourself up for success!

After all… it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game!

Good luck!

Amy Smith, Assistant Director

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Student Blogger: Hofstra PR Major Talks Dreams and Career Prep

Where do you see yourself after your time at Hofstra?

After I graduate from Hofstra University in May 2016, I will hopefully be working at a public relations firm in New York City.

What are the most interesting experiences you’ve had on campus (with a club, greek life, class, etc) and/or at a job or internship? What did you learn or take away from these experiences?

The most interesting experience I’ve had on campus is the Networking Dinner and the Public Relations Conference. Through these two events, you get to network with different professionals from different industries. These two events also help you figure out what your interests are and where you want to intern and work in the future. Also, my internship is another great experience I have here at school because I know exactly what I’ll be doing in the future, I’m getting real world experience that I can’t get in the classroom, and I know that this is exactly what I want to do with the rest of my life.

What advice would you give to your classmates regarding their professional development?

Advice I would give to my classmates regarding their professional development is to join a club related to your major because of all the skills that you learn and all the networking opportunities that are available to you. Also, utilize your professors and advisors who will offer you advice, point you in the right direction for classes and internships, and answer any questions you have regarding your future. Don’t hesitate to use The Career Center to work on your resume and to prepare for interviews.

What is one career-related accomplishment you hope to make before you graduate?

One career-related accomplishment I hope to make before graduation is getting a job.


Alexandra Cohen, Junior 
Public Relations Major

Monday, October 27, 2014

Events for Week of 10/27

Check out this video by Candid Career, one of our many resources offered to Hofstra students to get ahead on their Path of Pride!

Bloomingdale’s Information Session
Tuesday, October 28, 2014 from 4-5:30pm at the Career Center for undergraduate students
The Bloomingdale’s Executive Development Program (EDP) is your first step in developing your leadership skills to successfully manage multi-million dollar businesses.  Our developmental curriculum provides the skills and confidence needed for you to lead a team of professionals in our stores. You will have exposure to all functional areas of retail from leadership, human resources, promotional events, business analysis, problem solving, buying and planning and visual merchandising.  We will guide you on how to recruit, attract and retain the top professionals in the industry.  You will build problem solving and collaboration skills as well as and influencing and presentation skills.  You will learn how the store team works to maximize sales opportunity by leveraging our core values (People, Service and Loyalty).  

Compliance and a Culture of Integrity Conference
Wednesday, October 29, 2014 from 8-5PM at the University Club, David S. Mack Hall, North Campus
Join the Frank G. Zarb School of Business and Center for International Financial Services and Markets for this upcoming conference covering topics of compliance and ethics, developing a culture of integrity, risk assessment, and more. Free for Hofstra students. Registration is required through and must be completed by October 24th.

Need to get your resume critiqued or your cover letter edited? Stop in during our Quick Question hours, no need for an appointment!

MONDAY – FRIDAY: 10AM-11AM and 2PM – 4PM

Save the Date!

Project Firefly: Holt Valuation Challenge
Registration Deadline: Sunday, November 2, 2014
Register through to compete for a chance at an internship or CO-OP with Credit Suisse HOLT and affiliates! 

Target Information Session
Tuesday, November 4, 2014 from 5:30-7pm at the Career Center
Find out about job and internship opportunities at Target, as well as their commitment to volunteering, health and wellness. Refreshments will be served, no registration necessary.

Jaguar Freight Rotational Internship for Spring 2015
Wednesday, November 5, 2014 from 3:30-5pm at the Career Center
Logistics is an enormous industry that is still growing as international trade is expected to continue to expand by about eight percent annually for the next two decades.  JAGUAR FREIGHT has been a market leader and innovator in the logistics and supply-chain arena for over two decades.  Their rotational internship program will expose students to operations, sales & marketing, social media marketing, finance & accounting and information technology. Refreshments will be served!

PRIDE Week 2014:
Friday, November 7, 2014 from 11-1pm at the Mack Student Center
Express Yourself: Where will you be in 5 years? 
Have the opportunity to creatively express yourself and envision your future with The Career Center – no artistic skills required, just your hopes & dreams! Students can participate in our interactive table by taking a picture with our polaroid frame to express what their goals are! Students will also receive give-a-ways and have the opportunity to schedule appointments for a career counseling appointment on the spot. 

Health Sciences and Human Services Career Fair
Wednesday, November 12, 2014 from 4-6:30pm in the Mack Student Center Multipurpose Room
Join us to meet with employers to learn about full-time, part-time, and internship opportunities in the Health Sciences and Human Services industry. Please dress professionally and bring plenty of resumes!

Looking for information about different careers while building your professional network?
All you have to do is A.S.K.!

Get answers by using the Alumni Student Konnection, where you can communicate directly with Hofstra Alumni in a variety of fields to learn more about different careers and industries that interest you! Use this resource to build or add to your professional network and learn about ways to advance your career search!
To get started:
Log In to the Hofstra Portal at
Click on "Hofstra Online"
Click on "A.S.K. Online - Alumni Student Konnection"
Search by Class Year, School, Major, or other keywords to Konnect with Alumni!

Looking for more information about the career search process?
Visit Candid Career!
Candid Career is a great resource for students, no matter where you stand on your Path of Pride. You can watch videos that show you what it's like to work in a certain field, learn tips and tricks on interviewing, and more!

We have tons of great entries offering career advice, details regarding upcoming events and humor! 
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Friday, October 24, 2014

Feel the Fear and Connect Anyway

One of the best ways that you can learn about an industry is by networking. Many students don’t know how to network or where to start. This article by The Seattle Times gives some easy to use pointers on how to conduct an informational interview (one of the best tools in networking), which include:
  • “Once you specify a few companies you think would be the best places to start, go through your LinkedIn contacts and see how close a connection you have to employees there.”
  • “Look over the interviewee’s profile on LinkedIn and come up with some questions about his or her career history. The more you know going in, the more the interviewee will be likely to share insights with you.”
  • “never, ever ask the interviewee directly for a job.”
  • “to keep your momentum going, ask for the name of a colleague or another person in the profession whom you should contact.” 

One important tip I would add is to prepare questions before your informational interview. Doing this will allow you to make the best use of your time and show that you are prepared. Our Career Planning Handbook provides sample informational interview questions in the Interview section.

Happy Networking!

Nayelli Perez, Assistant Director