Friday, January 30, 2015

One Thing I Learned Being a Resident Assistant...

…Is that you can find relevant skills and experience just about anywhere!

A lot of students have been dropping into the Career Center lately to get their resumes critiqued because they are hoping to become Resident Assistants. Now, I may be biased; As a former RA, I think being an RA is wonderful and has a lot of great opportunities for learning and advancement. It was actually partially due to my role as an RA that I am writing to you now as the Graduate Assistant in the Career Center!

One thing I’ve heard from students hesitant to apply is that they think they have no relevant experience: they do not have past participation in their residence hall, they’re only first-year students, or none of their jobs or activities seem related to the job of being an RA. In my experience of applying to be an RA years ago and even working with the new applicants here at Hofstra, I’ve found this to be untrue!

When you sit down and think about what skills you’ve utilized in your previous experiences, even if they seem unrelated, try thinking about the skills you’ve developed and how they can be relevant:
  • Did you work in the food industry? That sounds like a lot assessing customer needs and communication skills to me!
  • Did you work in retail? Seems like a lot of conflict resolution skills and patience!
  • Are you a member of a campus club? You’ll need the creativity and different ideas for programs in your residence hall!

So, before you get yourself down and discouraged about applying for the RA position or that dream career/internship opportunity, I encourage you to take a moment to sit down and think about what you’ve done in the past: what skills you had to utilize, and in what ways is it relevant to your current goal.

And as always, we at the Career Center are available to brainstorm with you and to help you look at your experiences with a fresh set of eyes! Stop by Quick Questions (Monday-Friday 10-11AM & 2-4PM) or give us a call at (516) 463-6060 to make an appointment! 

Anne Monique Concepcion,
Graduate Assistant

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Number One Lie Students Tell

After eight years of working at The Career Center, the number one lie students tell me is still the answer to this question: have you logged onto Pride CMS yet? Now I can’t quote any statistics with accuracy but my guess would be at least half of students that say yes have never logged on. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not personally offended and to be honest I’m not sure why they lie. But, I am sure that once I log on with them and start to show them the diversity of awesome opportunities on the system, they definitely log on again. Usually they ask me “wait, can you show me how to get here again?” and “how do I apply to these jobs?”

Last week I was meeting with a student who found the exact position in the exact location he was looking for. I kid you not! He was looking for a part time position at a law firm and we found one the town next to his.  After I showed him that job, I looked like the best counselor ever – score!

Honestly, there is something for everyone on our job and internship database.  After a quick search this morning I saw an “Office Culture Intern,” a job for a “Happiness Officer,” and a “Royalty Analyst” position.  They are all real positions! If you are curious to what they are or what is on PrideCMS for you, do yourself (not me) a favor and log on. 

You can even set up an alert that sends you daily, weekly, or monthly emails with new positions on the system that meet your criteria. Seriously, it could not be any easier; you can do this from the cozy comfort of your own room while wearing your fuzzy bunny slippers. Yup, you know you have a pair.  But, should you need us, we are here to help if you have any questions. 

Happy searching!

Deanna Rodin, Associate Director

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Let Candid Career Work for You!

If you’ve read our weekly emails (which you should!) or have stopped into our office (which you really should!), then you’ve probably heard our team members talking about an online exploration resource called Candid Career.

“Nope,” you say, “What’s Candid Career?” Well, if you’re thinking about a certain field you’d like to pursue as a career, or are on a certain track and wondering what options might be available to you, what better way to learn than hearing from people who are currently in those fields and positions?

That’s what Candid Career does; they go to the pros and ask questions about things like how they got into their field or what a day on-the-job is like, then record those informational interviews and put them online for you to view!

But enough from me about all the great work they do, check out their latest commercial to hear straight from them about how Candid Career can help you!

Oh, and one more thing; you can access Candid Career by logging into Pride-CMS through the Hofstra Portal!

As always, if you have more questions about Candid Career, or how you can use it to gear up your career exploration or decision process, let us know! We’d love to help.

Happy Exploring!

Amy Smith, Assistant Director

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Events for the Week of 1/26/15

Events for Week of 1/26

Due to weather closings, the Career Center will be closed after 1PM today and all day Tuesday (1/27). 

Welcome back for the Spring Semester, Hofstra! Good luck on your first week of classes!

Spring Kick Off
Wednesday, January 28, 2015, 11-1PM, Mack Student Center Atrium
Kick off Spring Semester with the Career Center! Stop by our table to meet the staff, grab some FREE Starbucks coffee, snacks and give-a-ways, and book an appointment on the spot to prepare for your job and internship search!

Save The Date!

Stand Out and Get an Internship: Zarb Series
Wednesday, February 11, 2015, Common Hour (11:15-12:30),Career Center
Open to Zarb students only. Learn how to build your “personal brand” from students who have succeeded in getting internships, to stand out in the application process yourself! Topics include: LinkedIn and social media, networking, business etiquette, interviewing, and resume tips. Food and beverages will be served!

Need to get your resume critiqued or your cover letter edited? Stop in during our Quick Question hours, no need for an appointment!
MONDAY - FRIDAY: 10AM - 11AM and 2PM - 4PM

Check out this Candid Career video for tips on managing your time efficiently after an interview and for other career-related advice!

Friday, January 23, 2015

The Highest Paying Jobs To Get With Your Degree

Here is a link to a list of high paying careers that only require a Bachelor’s Degree. You can use this to start planning how your major could connect you to a successful career in the future.

The list includes careers that pay salaries from $55,000 to $104,000 in positions seeking graduates from a variety of majors such as: Nutrition, Labor Relations, Health, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Math, Management, Fine Arts, Finance, Economics, Accounting, Computer Science, Supply Chain Management, Information Technology, and related subject areas.

This goes to show that you can find a good job in the future with most majors out there; it’s all about how you prepare and the internships/work experiences you can get while you are in college.

This semester, The Career Center will be offering 2 opportunities for students specifically to see what they could do with their major or to help them figure out their major.

Zarb Alumni Ambassador Series: What Can You Do with a Zarb Major?
Find Your Career Path Before You Graduate
Wednesday, February 18, Common Hour (11:15-12:30), The Career Center
A panel featuring professionals and students will discuss what career fields you can qualify for based on the majors in the School of Business, and give tips on which internships are the best fit based on your goals.
Food and beverages will be served!

No Major, No Problem:
Friday, March 6, 12:30pm-4pm, Axinn Library - East Wing - Room 246
Do you need help in finally choosing your major? This event will offer fun and enlightening workshops that will allow you to learn about yourself and in the process learn which majors will be the best fit for you.  This event will also feature a panel of professionals and faculty that will share their stories on picking their majors and how it lead to their future careers. Arrive early at 12:30 to have some pizza and beverages before we start.

And as always there are campus resources always open and here to help! The Career Center and The Center for University Advisement are two office resources that students can utilize to help them reach their goals!

Nayelli Perez,
Assistant Director

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Old Dogs, New Tricks

Have you ever heard the expression “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks?” It means that once a person (or dog) reaches a certain age, their capacity to learn new things is somehow gone. Speaking as a, well, “middle aged dog”, I must disagree.

Last week all of the counselors in The Career Center participated in a career coaching two-day seminar. We learned the differences between career counseling and career coaching and how to utilize career coaching practices in our sessions with students. I found it very informative and helpful, and left with an enthusiasm to start using these new tools.

This training got me thinking about the fact that we are all life-long learners.  Especially with technology, it is very easy to keep up to date on what is happening in your chosen industry and to learn the newest tricks and tips. You should never feel that you are in a point in your career where you have learned all there is to learn. There is always someone else that you can learn from, whether that someone else is a supervisor, client, co-worker or someone who reports to you. I am always learning about technology from my co-workers, and I hope that my co-workers learn about employer relations from me!

So never hesitate to take the opportunity to learn more about your career and about yourself as well, and remember to always update your resume with the new skills and experiences that you have!

Darlene Johnson,
Director of External Relations

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Events for Week of 1/20/15

Events for Week of 1/20

Check out this Candid Career video for tips on following up after an interview and for other career-related advice!

Save the Date!

Spring Kick Off
Wednesday, January 28, 2015, 11-1PM, Mack Student Center Atrium
Kick off Spring Semester with the Career Center! Stop by our table to meet the staff, grab some FREE Starbucks coffee, snacks and give-a-ways, and book an appointment on the spot to prepare for your job and internship search!