Thursday, March 26, 2015

Do's and Don'ts: The Ten Commandments of Interviewing

From time to time, we are lucky to have one of our valued employers volunteer to write a blog post for us.  Aside from giving us a break from having to come up with a blog topic, we love when this happens, as it gives our students the opportunity to hear tips directly from hiring employers. When I talk to my employers about writing a blog, I always tell them to think about what they wish they knew when they were a college student. So, The Career Center is pleased to present a blog post from Michael McKay, PR/Marketing Director at Jozii, who is going to tell you what he has learned about interviewing for a job:

I. Thou shalt do research on the company
Knowing about the company not only makes for a better interview, but also shows potential employers that you are interested in the position.
II. Thou shalt dress correctly
How you dress is often the first impression an interviewer will have of you. Even when interviewing for jobs that allow more casual dress for employees, you should still dress up for the interview. 
Tip: It’s always better to overdress rather than underdress.
III.Thou shalt give a firm handshake
A firm handshake shows confidence and is an important non-verbal part of the interview. 
Tip: make sure to look the person in the eye when shaking their hand.
IV. Thou shalt ask questions
Asking questions shows that you have done research on the company and allows you to address any concerns you have about the position. Remember that the hiring process is a two way street.
V. Thou shalt send a thank you note
Sending a thank you note shows the employer that you’re serious about the position and went the extra mile.
VI. Thou shalt not be late
Being late is unprofessional and interviewers may think this practice will continue if they hire you. Make sure to plan ahead and leave some extra time in case your commute takes longer than expected.
VII. Thou shalt not give one word answers
“Yes” or “no” answers do not give the interviewer much information to work with. 
Tip: Elaborate by providing reasons or examples.
VIII. Thou shalt not check your cell phone
Looking at your phone during an interview is rude and distracting. The interview is your chance to sell yourself to a potential employer, not see what your friends are doing later.
IX. Thou shalt not speak badly of previous employers
Employers don’t want to hire people with negative attitudes. Plus, you never know if they may know your former boss.
X. Thou shalt not lie
In todays day and age it’s easy to to research a candidate and catch them in a lie. Be honest and focus on your strengths.
Use these tips to present yourself in the best light and remember, confidence is key. For more information on the hiring process visit the Jozii blog.

Darlene Johnson,
Director of External Relations

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Managing the Important Things in Life!

A couple weeks ago, I presented a workshop to a sorority on campus on the topic of time management. Everyone has different priorities and commitments, with varying levels of importance to them, so we instead focused on how those priorities and commitments could be kept in check.

To start the workshop, I recounted the story of the Philosophy professor and the Mayonnaise jar. If you’ve heard of this story, then you might know what I’m getting at, but if you’re reading this saying “what the heck is that?!,” check out the story here. The basis of the story is that no matter what the things are that we value in our lives, we should always keep the big things in mind, and worry about the “little things” later.

So how can you manage your time more effectively? Here are some suggestions:
  1. Keep track of everything. I know this sounds pretty obvious, but a lot of times when we have trouble keeping tabs on everything that we need to do, it’s because we’re not using a method that fits with our way of thinking! Those who are “task-oriented” focus on what they need to get done, so a to-do list where specific things are listed would be perfect. People who take a “time-oriented” approach find it much easier to organize information based on when the commitment should or will occur, so a planner where dates and times could be recorded would be the best method.
  2. Set check-points for yourself.  You might be a task-oriented planner, but for commitments that are time-sensitive in nature (like exams, assignments, or event planning), it can be helpful to set check-points for yourself along the way to make sure you avoid a last-second rush to the finish. This is also a good tactic for things like group projects where you need input from multiple places!
  3. Don’t commit immediately. If you’re asked to do something and you’re unsure if there’ll be a conflict, you don’t have to give an answer right away. Say that you’d be happy to, but you’d like a chance to look at your schedule or list before giving an answer. Not only will it help you get everything in mind, it can also help avoid an awkward situation of having to back out of something you agreed to do.

I’m sure that if we all took a moment to think back, we’d probably find a time where we’ve recognized that we probably could have managed our time a bit better (I know at least one comes to mind for me!) Hopefully, with these tips, you can feel more at ease and confident in doing all the great things you do!

Amy Smith,
Assistant Director

Monday, March 23, 2015

Events for Week of 3/23/15

Events for Week of March 23rd

General On-Campus Recruiting:
On-Campus Recruiting are opportunities brought right to the Hofstra campus! Employers post job and internship opportunities that students are eligible to apply to; and if selected, first-round interviews occur right on campus at the Career Center. All positions are listed on PrideCMS and require resume submission by the respective application deadlines listed below: 

CVS Health: Tuesday, March 31st at 11:59 PM
OCR Position for full-time Store Management Trainee. See listing for desired majors and class levels.

Hofstra University Start-Ups Presents: Marketing Your Business and Grow with Max Ringleheim
Tuesday, March 24, 8PM, Student Center 143
Max Ringleheim, a seasoned entrepreneur from Phunkee Tree phone accessories will be coming to speak on how to market your business and grow. Come learn important lessons in entrepreneurship and talk to Max about possible internship opportunities!

Publishing Internship Panel Event
Tuesday, March 24, 6:30-8:30PM, Roosevelt Hall 213
Join the English Department, the HCLAS Dean’s Office, and the Off-Campus Education Office as they present representatives from Scholastic & Penguin Random House to talk on a panel about publishing internships! Light refreshments will be served!

LinkedIn Power Hour: How to Make Connections and Find Your Next Internship/Job
Wednesday, March 25, Common Hour (11:15-12:30), Calkins Lab
Find out how to use your LinkedIn profile to connect and network with professionals in your career/company of interest and find your next internship or job before the Academic Year ends. The Career Center and Sigma Alpha Mu will be offering tips and help along the way.

Target Information Session
Wednesday, March 25, 5:30-7PM, The Career Center
Find out about the job and internship opportunities at Target, as well as their commitment to volunteering, health and wellness. This event is Open to JUNIORS AND SENIORS of all majors.

Women’s Leadership Conference
Friday, March 27, 1-5PM, Mack Student Center Plaza Rooms
Participants will have the opportunity to attend various educational sessions, hear from notable keynote speaker, and network with alumni, faculty and administrators.

Save the Date!

ACE Trip to North Shore LIJ
RSVP Deadline: Wednesday, April 1st on PrideCMS
Event Trip: Friday, April 17, North Shore LIJ
Expand your possibilities with ACE Trips co-sponsored by the Career Center, University Advisement, and Alumni Affairs! First-year students and sophomores are invited to take a trip with Hofstra alumni at North Shore LIJ and learn about how their Hofstra experience got them to where they are today. Hear from an array of employees about the various types of jobs that exist within one organization! Transportation and lunch is provided. Students must RSVP on PrideCMS (through the MyApps folder on the Portal) by Wed. April 1st!

Criminology Afternoon of Service at the INN
Friday, April 24, 1-5PM, The INN
Criminology majors are invited to an afternoon of service at The INN in Hempstead. The INN is a soup kitchen servicing the Hofstra Community. Join The Career Center and employers from the field of criminology for lunch at 1:00 at The Career Center. Then, we are off to The INN to assist them in sorting donations, stocking the food pantry, and getting them ready for the next day's guests.  This is an opportunity to not only provide much-needed service to a local charity, but to engage with employers in your industry, who will share their stories and insight with you.
Reservations are required and are taken while space is available. Registration is available through your PrideCMS account. Please contact Darlene Johnson in The Career Center at 516-463-5833 with any questions.

Internship Careernival
Wednesday, May 6, 12-4PM, Intramural Athletic Fields
Step right up!  Come one, come all!  Fun for all majors and all years!  Grab your popcorn and cotton candy.  Have your fortune told and learn what the future holds for you.  Play some of your favorite carnival games with employers and find out about their internships. We’ve got it all:  games, prizes, food, music, and more!

Friday, March 20, 2015

How to Write the Perfect LinkedIn Profile Summary

March and April are prime times for students who are gearing up for jobs after graduation or summer internships.  By now, hopefully you have a LinkedIn profile (if not here are some tips on how to get started).  Now it is time to make your profile work for you! 

Danny Rubin, a marketing professional who works with business owners and young professionals to improve their writing and communication skills, is here to help!  On his blog, News To Live By, he shows students how to write a compelling LinkedIn Profile Summary that will catch an employer’s attention.  Take a look here!

He was also featured on “TheSavvyIntern” with advice on how to write the perfect LinkedIn profile summary for recent grads.  If that’s you, read on!
I hope this inspires you to be creative.  Remember, The Career Center is here to help you improve your profile.  Stop by during quick questions or make an appointment to have it reviewed by us.
Want to learn how to make connections and find your next internship or job on LinkedIn?  Join us for our next LinkedIn Power Hour on Wednesday, March 25th from 5:30-7pm at The Career Center.  Speakers will be giving you tips that you can start using right away in your own search! 
Deanna Rodin,
Associate Director

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Let’s Talk About “My Pillow”

When looking for an internship, job or anytime you want to put your best foot forward - it is important to have proper nutrition, to take good care of yourself and to get a good night’s sleep in order to be fresh, vibrant and your best version of yourself. 

So let’s talk sleep for a minute. And more specifically, let’s discuss the 'My Pillow'. This item is by far the best new product I have tried in a long time. Well actually it’s not exactly a new product, it’s been around for ten years now – but you’ve probably seen it “as seen on TV” or in the “as seen on TV” section of your local drug store, CVS, K-Mart or Bed Bath and Beyond. My brother gave my husband 2 of these soft and fluffy gems for his birthday in February – so naturally I ended up with one of the two and the “rest” is history. I cannot stress enough how wonderful I believe this product is and how restorative the sleep I've had as a result of using this product. You lay your head down into the cool, comfortable goodness and may not wake up until the next morning! No more tossing, turning, waking yourself up by snorting or snoring – and no more bouts of insomnia (well maybe that was just my issue). This pillow has just the right amount of support, yet not too much – just the right amount of “memory,” but not enough to leave a permanent indent or in a creepy foam form. It has just enough cool – so that there is no need to flip the pillow throughout your night’s slumber.  And for you side sleepers, there is that height that is necessary to keep your spine aligned properly, but not too much.

So get a good night’s sleep and you will be in a better position to tackle your responsibilities for the day – which may include a visit to the Hofstra Career Center – where you will have a clear mind and be better able to build your personal brand, be prepared to conquer the necessary steps for a successful internship or job search and to conquer the world in general!

Michele Roberts,
Assistant Director