Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Summer Internship Deadlines are Closer than they Appear

As we transition to remote learning after next week, and then into winter break, you will find that things are quieting down on the academic front, but summer internships applications are just beginning to open (if they haven’t already)! Be smart about using your winter break time to apply so you don’t miss deadlines or find yourself scrambling to get your materials in order before an application closes. “Bigger companies often have very early summer deadlines. Mid-sized companies usually have either February, March, or April deadlines,” says Penny Loretto from The Balance Careers.


If you are reading this and thinking, “An April deadline. That is months away! I have plenty of time.” Think again. Handshake, Hofstra’s job and internship database, posted this article on their blog which recommends starting to prepare your applications at least four months in advance. Why so early? Handshake says (and we agree) “Because you’re also going to want some feedback! If you can avoid it, never send your first draft in an application.” Home for the holidays? Remote learning? Having your resume and cover letter reviewed by our office is easy, even though you are away from campus. We are offering virtual resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn reviews, either via email or Zoom. Log into Student Success Connect on the portal to make a virtual appointment or to find your Career Advisor’s email address for written feedback.

This fall has definitely been a semester to remember. Now it’s time to look ahead and make a plan for this summer to be one you will never forget. Find that dream internship and reach out to The Center for Career Design and Development to help you apply!

Elizabeth A. Sposato

Senior Associate Director of Career Development and Assessment

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