Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day: The Right to Study at Hofstra University

American education is characterized by the promise of opportunity, hope, stamina and developing the understanding to overcome internal and external adversity.  Veterans Day is a time for American Institutions and their students to stop and reflect on how we view those students that might not fall into the “traditional” profile of a student.  Speaking with various students on their view of what a “Veteran” looks like it was interesting to hear the profiles.  They ranged from the homeless man on the street to the proud 80 year old grandfather.  What we forget, that with the war looming in the Middle East, soldiers going into and coming back from the Armed Forces are people in the same age demographic as you, the Hofstra Student.

This Veterans Day take special note as to who is in your class, and on your campus and see if your notice any Veterans. The 23 year old student sitting next to you in Biology could have served a tour in Afghanistan. Your favorite professor or administrator could have been on an aircraft carrier in the Adriatic Sea.  So, as this year progresses, stop and notice who is around you.  If you meet a veteran say thank you, for helping you have your right to study here at Hofstra University.  Thank them for helping us all have our freedoms.  Remember; don’t take anyone for granted we are all in this together.  God Bless our Veterans, Servicemen and God Bless the United States of America.

~Joseph Gebbie, Assistant Director

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