Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What Motivates YOU?

A little over a year ago, my co-worker and friend, Joseph Gebbie somehow convinced me to go to the Hofstra Pool. Now please keep in mind that I am not a swimmer nor an athlete in any sense. Yes, I spent my entire childhood at a sleep away camp learning to swim but never made it out of the beginner group. Looking back, I think swimming in a lake with fish somehow blocked any learning as, I was too focused on avoiding the lake creatures! So, here I was it my late 30’s in the pool.  It was fun bobbing around doing my interpretation of the crawl, all the while not putting my head in the water and gossiping with my friend.

A few days later Joe suggested we go again. Ok, I thought. Why not? The warm water felt good and the gossiping was fun. What slowly started to happen was I watched Joe swim back and forth and I thought to myself, “maybe, I could do that.”  Eventually, we started going regularly and Joe motivated me by saying “I bet you could do 10 laps today.” Well, I couldn’t let him down! So, with muscles burning, I did the 10 laps.

A year later, I can do well over 24 laps (back and forth so in some circles this would be 48!), head in the water doing a full crawl at a nice speed, and I have no need to go with my friend. I own 2 Speedos and earplugs and when I don’t swim regularly, I actually miss it.  My friend unknowingly motivated me. Now, what motivates me is seeing the results in the mirror and the release of stress it brings for me.  Swimming motivates me.  I have always been motivated to do a good job, to get tasks completed and to try and excel but after I swim, I feel like I could conquer the world.  

What motivates you?  In our current economy, motivation is crucial, as finding that job or internship may take some time.  How will you stay motivated during your search? Do you have someone or something in your life that motivates you?  The Career Center staff will certainly help motivate you but finding your own motivational tool is just as good if not better!  Finding that something, may make you feel like you can conquer the world!

When you need a motivational push, check out this brief clip!

~Suzanne Dagger, Director of Career Services

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