Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I need an #internship

Ever since our “Hastag to Hired” event, presented by Hofstra Alumna, Emily Miethner, I have been using Twitter in ways that I never have before. Some of these strategies include following some of my favorite publications such as the Wall Street Journal, places I would like to work and some people I admire such at career guru, Daniel Pink. By doing so, I have become much more informed about not only my industry, but more in tuned with budding opportunities.

That’s right, industries are using social networks, such as Twitter, to promote not only internships but jobs! A great way to start connecting with these opportunities is by following companies that you would typically visit to search for opportunities. For example, if you’re looking for an internship following sites such as is a great starting point because they constantly tweet about new and exciting opportunities. @internshipking is another site that tweets about internships but also provides information about internship satisfaction. By following sites such as these, Twitter will suggest other sites that can open you to more opportunities and offer crucial advice!

Another great way to leverage Twitter, is to simply use the search feature. For example, I searched fashion internships and you would be surprised the number of results that pop up. As you will see in the picture below, these are just a couple of example of the search results that I found.
Even more surprising, some companies were even requesting people to tweet back if they were interested in the opportunity. Formulating 140 characters certainly beats putting together a lengthy cover letter.

Lastly, follow publications, people and companies of interest. This will encourage you to stay up-to-date on current trends, which is crucial not only in the job search process, but also to be a successful professional. Plus, you never know when your idol/ favorite company might need an intern!!

~ Alison Charlebois, Graduate Assistant

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