Friday, March 9, 2012

Landing The Dream Internship

Yesterday after another long and crazy day as a Hofstra student I got some of the best news a junior can hear, I got an internship! Not just any internship, but the one that I had been dreaming about. As a junior public relations major, I have spent the last few months panicking in a search for the perfect internship for this summer.

As a student worker at The Career Center, I was well aware of all of the resources I had available to me to make sure that I stood out to potential employers. Thanks to the Career Planning Handbook, I was able to create a rough draft of my resume and cover letter and came to Quick Question hours for a critique.  After sitting down and talking with a counselor I was confident enough to send out my resume to public relations firms.

I was thrilled when I got asked to interview with a few of these firms. I prepared for my interviews by reading the interview section of the handbook, talking with the career counselors and signing up for the online Webshops on Blackboard. I went into my interviews feeling confident and after sending my references got the news about a week later that I got the internship!

I have come into work on countless occasions with anxiety and a list of questions about how to fix my resume, write the perfect cover letter, and respond to emails from potential employers. Thanks to the care and dedication of the career counselors and staff I was able to land my dream internship!

~Alex Coughlan, Student Assistant at The Career Center

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