Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Some Simple Career Math

Last night The Career Center hosted Lindsey Pollak a Career Expert & LinkedIn Spokesperson to speak to about 60 Hofstra students about social media and LinkedIn. 

Lindsey offered a plethora of advice. Just to re-cap a few points:

  • 85% of employers found good hires using social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook)  
  • 70% of employers rejected a job candidate because if the info they found on line  - so be careful as to what you are tweeting and posting on Facebook.    Be smart!
  • When setting up your LinkedIn profile use buzzwords from job descriptions and other similar profiles for professionals in your field.  However, make sure you use your OWN words and do not copy and paste someone else's exact profile. 
  • When you build your network, personalize your requests to connect with others on LinkedIn.
  • Use Google Alerts   to set up alerts about employers, industries, etc. so you can stay informed about the newest updates.
  • Provide your LinkedIn URL on your resume, e-mail signature file and business cards so you can direct employers to your site.

Furthermore, Lindsey gave what I interpreted as, some simple math equations for social media success: 
  1. Action = Results
    • Small choices make a big impression.  Be selective to get the results you want and use social media to become an expert.  Follow companies you want to work for and professionals who inspire you.  Use Twitter and LinkedIn to research companies, industries and get news feeds.  By doing so you’ll find out the inside scoop on job and internship postings, while gathering tons of info about your potential future employer.   Unsure of who to follow?  Check out to search, by company and industry, for lists of who to follow.
  2. Clicks + Mix = Ideal Way to Network
    • When it comes to networking, you need to step out from behind your computer.  The ideal networking combination involves clicks (using online tools, like LinkedIn) and mix (meeting networking contacts in person).  Be sure to attend company information sessions, networking events, and invite your online contacts to meet in person.
  3. Robust LinkedIn Profile = Featured High on Google Search Results
    • Google is built on math.  Their logarithm is designed to display the most relevant search listings based on keywords.  Think about this when you are creating your LinkedIn profile.  Make sure that you have included the right keywords in your summary so your LinkedIn profile appears as the first listing when you, or a recruiter, do a Google search for you.  Not sure what keywords to use?  Look at job postings or people who have the job you want. 
  4. Your Mom + Her Connections = An Internship
    • Think you don’t have a network?  Think again.  Start small, with friends and family.  You’ll be surprised where that can take you.  Next thing you know, you find out that your mom’s college roommate works for your dream company.  Do I smell a connection in the works?  A potential internship opportunity?
Keep up the social media intelligence at our final event next Tuesday, March 20th at 6:30pm in the Middle and East Plaza Rooms.  Hofstra alumna Emily Miethner will talk about how to go from Hashtag to Hired.

~ Fred Burke,
Executive Director

~Liz Ulatowski,
Career Center Intern

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