Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Close To the Career Center’s Heart

Weddings are always a fun time for everyone.  The dancing, the food, but most of all the friends.  This past weekend the daughter of a very special woman, Jayne Sinacore our Senior Support Specialist, took her vows and the Career Center staff was there to hold the tissues.  The celebration continued through the night with glitz, glamour, style and the boogie woogie.

The Career Center Staff with Proud Mama Jayne
In the workplace, you grow not only professionally with those you work with, but share in their families lives as well.  Jayne’s beautiful daughter Lauren, a Hofstra alum, not only grew up around our office she looked to us for help when her job search was commencing.  Happily not only did she find employment, she found the man of her dreams, a keeper.

The Blushing Bride
When you apply for jobs make sure you are certain that the culture and climate of the office is one you can see yourself integrating with.  Your co-workers are not only there to support you with work, but also in life.  You spend just as much of your time at work as you do with your family.  You will laugh together, cry together and celebrate together!

Jayne it was a pleasure sharing in you and your daughter’s happiness this past weekend.  The Career Center Staff wishes your daughter and her new husband all the happiness in the world.  Congratulations Mama Jayne!

~Joseph Gebbie, Assistant Director

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