Thursday, October 11, 2012

Important Tips from an Active Zarb Alum!

As an active Zarb alum that participates in dozens of student-focused career events throughout the year, I wanted to share some of the pointers I tell all of the students I work with. Consider this a Cliff’s Notes version of what you might hear if we spoke at one of the Zarb Alumni Association events that you all should be attending (hint hint).

First and foremost, utilizing the Career Center to help with your resume, hone your interview skills, or even answer your career questions, will give you a tremendous advantage when you look for an internship or start interviewing for a job. I would go as far as saying that NOT going puts you at a tremendous disadvantage.  If you’re not sure what your dream job is, need an extra pair of eyes looking at your resume, or you want help prepping for an important interview – that’s what the Career Center is for. Don’t wait until May of your Senior year to get there, either.

Second, it’s crucial to build up your network – with fellow students, alumni and professors. Don’t forget that the goal here is to graduate and get a great job, and you’ll have much better chances if you send a resume to a friend, alum or another connection that can get your resume read. If you’re not already on Linkedin, take 5 minutes and get on today. Find friends, relatives, classmates – you may be surprised in a few years which one of them helps you get a job before graduation. More to come soon!

-David Katzman, Zarb School of Business Alumni/Guest Blogger 

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