Thursday, October 4, 2012

North Shore-LIJ Presents: The Top Five Reasons to begin a Finance Career in Healthcare

When you think of a hospital or healthcare system, the first types of career opportunities that come to mind are usually clinical in nature. The truth is that many of the positions that are available within a healthcare organization are business and operations focused, and are the same types of opportunities you would find in other industries such as manufacturing or service providers. Below are the top five reasons why any college graduate with a degree in finance should pursue a career in the healthcare industry and why North Shore-LIJ is the employer of choice.  

5. The Healthcare industry is thriving – and not slowing down!
The healthcare industry is one that is constantly growing and adapting to environmental changes and new regulations. This results in the implementation of technological systems, procedures, and a more rigid review of financial reporting metrics. To provide quality patient care while remaining competitive and compliant, organizations rely on their finance team to be the experts behind financial planning, budget, expense, revenue management and accounting functions.

4. Job Security
Healthcare organizations are finding the need to increase their workforce to manage a higher volume of work. This workload could be the direct result of an acquisition of a new facility or the upgrading of systems and equipment. Students who are interested in finance should pursue their ambition, but should consider looking into industries other than finance such as healthcare, which is less vulnerable to layoffs and cutbacks and still offers a competitive salary and unmatched benefits package.

3. Teamwork is a core value
As a successful finance professional in healthcare, you will work together internally within a team and with external managers to guarantee accuracy and integrity of the data that is calculated and to ensure the organization is operating to maximize revenue and efficiency.

2. Community Benefit
A healthcare organization’s ultimate goal is to provide quality patient care and service excellence to its patients and community that it serves. By functioning within the financial operations of an organization with these goals, you can feel a sense of fulfillment that the work you are doing is meaningful to others and you are directly affecting the service that is being granted to the people who need it the most.

1. You can build the career you’ve always wanted.
At NSLIJ we recognize that our employees are our biggest asset. By investing in our employees continued education and development, we ensure their success while preparing them for the next level in their careers. Job levels and career ladders have been put into place to allow the entry level employees to learn and grow into the next step right where they started. You will have the opportunity to grow your career, professional experience, and personal development all under one roof.

-Jodi Mann, Talent Sourcing Specialist, North Shore LIJ

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