Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Top 10 Resolutions for the Career-Minded Student in 2013

1. Meet with a career counselor in order to explore and determine my career goals/direction, and how my major relates to the transferrable skills I would like to acquire in the job market and a prospective career! 

2. Have my resume reviewed by The Career Center to make sure I am marketing my skills effectively, and presenting myself in a meaningful and professional way to prospective employers.

3. Get an internship through Pride-CMS, or other Career Center resources that will serve as a hands on experience within my given field, and serve as a resume builder.

4. Go to the job and internship fairs on campus this semester to better strengthen my interview skills, network in person, and connect with various employers.

5. Attend at least three Career Center events to become more knowledgeable about all of the services that are available to me.

6. Have my cover letter reviewed by The Career Center. An effective cover letter aligns your transferrable skills with the desired skills for the specific position you are applying for.

7. Set up my LinkedIn profile and summarize my professional experience, interests, and capabilities, in order to assist in meaningful networking.

8. Read The Career Center blog regularly for useful tips on landing my desired job or internship, and useful advice on various career related topics.

9. Practice effective and meaningful interview skills to present myself effectively to an employer. Take advantage of the mock interview service offered by The Career Center by scheduling an appointment
10. Take advantage of internship opportunities available through Pride-CMSOCR, Internships.com, and other Career Center resources to build my resume, and make myself more marketable in a competitive job market!

Lauren Behr, Assistant Director

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