Thursday, March 7, 2013

Demystifying Media & Design Careers

The Demystifying Media & Design Careers event is co-sponsored by The School of Communication, The Department of Radio, Television, Film, The Department of Fine Arts, and The Career Center. This event is being held tonight, Thursday, March 7th, at 7pm in Breslin Hall, Room 211.

Media and Design encompass both the old guard of television and advertising as well as the new giants of social media, big data and design-as-business core. This mini-symposium explores the synergies and contractions inherent in 21st Century careers in Media and Design, including: To be or not to be (irreverent); How to be street smart and business savvy; Who decides what gets created; and What’s Ethical: The Valorized Designer/Director.

This event will discuss careers and opportunities in media and design, featuring four speakers from various creative companies including Len Forgione (Associate Director, Digital Development, Scholastic, Inc.), Ashlea Powell (Storyteller and Design Lead, IDEO), Alex Schmelkin (Co-Founder and CEO, Alexander Interactive), and Emily Miethner (Founder and President, NY Creative Interns).

Do not miss this exciting opportunity open to all students!!!

--Lauren Behr, Assistant Director

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