Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Importance of a “Thank You” – Mom was Right!

Last week, the brothers of Sigma Pi and the sisters of Phi Sigma Sigma invited the Career Center staff, along with other Hofstra University faculty and staff, to a Luncheon.  As part of their national Altruistic Campus Experience Week, they hosted a lunch for faculty and staff to say thank you for all we do for students.  I attended the luncheon with a colleague and although the lunch was delicious, the best part of the event was sitting and chatting with our hosts.  It is not often that we take the time to properly thank those that help us, so when students do, they stands out from the crowd.

My mother taught me to always say thank you, as I’m sure someone in your life has taught you too.  However, thank you’s are more and more important in our fast paced life and this tight job market.  Employers have commonly told me that those students that thank them after a workshop, event, or interview, always stand out above the rest.  So, the next time you attend a panel discussion or similar event, send the speakers a thank you email or note telling them how much you enjoyed their presentation and appreciate their time.  I bet it will lead to something, and if it doesn’t, you will still feel warm and fuzzy inside!

Deanna Rodin, Associate Director

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