Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hello Again!

I hope the fall semester is going well for everyone. So far, this semester has been especially exciting for me. Last week was my first week in my new position as one of the Assistant Directors in The Career Center here at Hofstra. In addition to counseling students, I will also be acting as the liaison to The School of Communication. I am so excited for this opportunity and am really looking forward working with the School of Communication.  Being that I started out as a volunteer in The Career Center, I am proud to say that I have come a long way. When I started at Hofstra as a graduate student in the higher education administration program two years ago, I had little experience in my field and I was not sure what the future held. Now, two years later, I will be completing my masters in January and have a full-time job that I love. I was able to get to this point by working hard, putting myself out there, staying positive, and utilizing my resources. Whether you are an undergraduate student or graduate student, I hope this story is helpful to anyone just starting out. In the end, it is up to you to make the most out of your college experience but just remember that The Career Center is here to help guide you and give you the tools and resources to help you succeed. 

Kaitlyn Riley, Assistant Director

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