Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Conversation Starters for Networking Events

You have heard it before and you will hear it again. Networking is so important. In today's world, many people are getting jobs and internships through networking and building relationships. That being said, networking is a skill. Like any skill, it needs to be learned and then refined. The more you apply it, the more comfortable and confident you become with it. Many people are intimidated by the idea of networking. I know at one point in time, I certainly was. I do promise, however, that the more you put yourself out there and the more events you attend, the easier and more natural it will be for you. 

To help boost your confidence and get you started, I suggest reading this article from which provides 18 easy conversation starters that you can use at networking events. The article provides great, realistic advice on how to spark up a conversation and how to keep it going! 

Still struggling with networking? Make an appointment with a career counselor! We are here to help you with ALL aspects of your career development including networking strategies! 

Kaitlyn Riley, Assistant Director 

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