Friday, December 6, 2013

Internships at Goldman Sachs... Not Just for Finance Majors

True or False: Goldman Sachs only hires finance majors.  If you guessed “false”, you are right! 

Recently three representatives from the leading investment bank visited The Career Center to speak to an enthusiastic group of students interested in their summer internship program in the Corporate Services/Real Estate division.  The representatives made a point of saying that they consider students in any major.

So what does matter to these professionals when they are looking to hire?  If not major, what stands out to them when reviewing a resume or conducting an interview?  Well, the answer is candidates who show their willingness to work hard and come up with new ideas.  Goldman Sachs prides itself on being a company that values the input and creativity of its employees at any level.  If you can bring those skills to the table, then don’t be afraid to apply.

If you are interested in a company such as Goldman Sachs but do not have a finance degree, you should make sure that you are up to date on the finance industry and show that on your resume by listing any student groups that you belong to or conferences that you have attended.  Take an opportunity in your interview to discuss a recent article from the Wall Street Journal or from the company website.

I have heard the same thing from other employers who have said that skills like dedication, work ethic and leadership are just as important as a particular major.  So get out there and apply to companies that may have seemed out of reach to you before.  And don’t forget to have your resume reviewed by The Career Center so that we can make sure you are selling those skills that all employers want!
Darlene Johnson, Senior Associate Director 

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