Friday, January 10, 2014

The Learning Never Stops - Even for us!

Happy Friday, Hofstra! This morning, a few of our Career Center staff members are breaking out of M. Robert Lowe Hall and spending the day at The Cooper Union in Manhattan for some good old-fashioned professional development to learn new innovations in helping you along your career path!

Today, we'll be focusing on new trends in resume writing and skill marketing for art majors, veterans, and the LGBTQ community. Students from these demographics can have a plethora of different experiences that may not fit into the "typical" résumé format, but that by no means should suggest that they not be included at all! 

One of the great speakers we'll hear from today is Riley Folds, author of Your Queer Career and a leading expert on LGBTQ workplace issues and advocacy. He'll be informing us on some of the many different ways in which an individual can be "out" in the workplace, and showing us how to better serve this growing, increasingly diverse student population! You can check out his 4 tips for LGBTQ job- and internship-seekers here

Interested to see what we've learned to better serve you? Come in to the Career Center and let us show you what we've got!

Amy Smith, Graduate Assistant

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