Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Little Things Mean a Lot

Lately, I have found myself getting frustrated with the "little things." Maybe it's because people are in such a rush these days that they are forgetting some of the basics. Regardless, I decided to compile a list of general career-related "little things" to always keep in mind.
  1. Leave your phone number during a voicemail message.  Your voicemail recipient should not have to hunt around for your telephone number.
  2. READ emails thoroughly before responding to them.  Lately, I have sent many emails that include questions in them, only to receive an email back that ignore my questions. 
  3. Don't use the fact that you are writing an email on a hand-held device as an excuse for poor grammar. Take the extra few seconds to proof read.
  4. Listen to your voice mail messages before returning a missed call. Maybe all of the information you need is in the voice mail, which your caller has taken the time to leave for you.  At the very least, you will know who called you before you return the call.
  5. Don't wait until the last minute. For anything.  Have your resume critiqued by The Career Center long before you start sending them out.  Do a mock interview before you have any actual interviews scheduled.  Start reviewing the jobs on PrideCMS even before you need to.
Remember that everything you do makes an impression. What kind of impression do you want to make?  For more tips, make an appointment with The Career Center. We are here to help!

Darlene Johnson, Senior Associate Director 

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