Friday, February 28, 2014

Transferable Skills

The dictionary defines the word transfer as:

Transfer (v.): to convey from one person, place or situation to another. 

It also defines the word skill as:

Skill (n.): the ability, coming from one's knowledge, practice, etc., to do something well.

In Career Development, the words in the phrase "transferable skills" go hand in hand. What skills have you learned being a Softball Team Captain that you can bring to an advertising agency? What are some skills you bring to the "workforce" table from your many experiences?  Communication, Planning, Delegating, Problem solving, and Teamwork are just a few examples.

Think of one think you learned at your first part-time job and how you apply it to where you work now... and what have you learned in your current position that you know you will be able to use in the future? You never know what will end up being a really valuable experience!

Want to see more about transferable skills? Check out this video:

Lorraine Massiah, Assistant Director

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