Friday, March 14, 2014

What Strikes a Chord with You?

I am excited to contribute to the Hofstra Career Center blog for the first time as the new Executive Director of the office.  I just began this week and have had nothing but great experiences so far with students, faculty, administrators and staff.   I come to you most recently from the University of North Carolina, where I worked in both career services and academic advising.  This year marks my 20th in higher education.  But, when I graduated with my bachelor’s in 1993, I had no where my career would take me.

As an undergraduate I thought I wanted to be a publicist in the music industry.  I’ve been a musician since high school (and still write music for television as a hobby – this past year my music was used for The Voice, American Pickers, Turn and Burn and others).   So, pursuing a career in the music industry seemed natural and fun.  However, I learned through an internship at a record label after my junior year that I really didn’t enjoy that environment.  I entered my senior year confused and directionless.

After graduation I moved to North Carolina to play bass in a band called Gumption (you can hear our 1996 release on Spotify).  To make ends meet I accepted a position at UNC, and I soon realized that higher education would be my profession and music would be my avocation.  I initially made the mistake of thinking my career had to be centered on a “passion” rather than finding a good fit!  But, once I found that fit, I thrived and have loved it ever since.

Over the years, I have had the great opportunity to work at UNC, University of Washington and Georgia State University, where I also obtained a master’s degree.  But, I couldn’t be more thrilled to be here at Hofstra to assist and encourage you to have high-impact experiences that will be meaningful to you and help you find your Path of PRIDE.

No doubt some of you have a clear plan, while others are perhaps closer to how I felt my senior year.   Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, the knowledge and skills you are gaining at Hofstra are equipping you for your future.  Sure, it is going to take hustle, adaptability and a willingness to be open to what the world brings you (while asserting your own aspirations).   But, you can make it happen!  We are confident in you.

I want you to view the Career Center as a partner in preparing for your future.  Whether you are a exploring options, learning more about yourself, pursuing internships, applying to graduate school, seeking full-time employment or just looking for a place to get something started – even if you’re unsure what that something is – we are here for you.  It’s an honor for us to help you on your journey.  We want to support you.  So, call us at 516-463-6060 to schedule an appointment, or come to our quick question sessions. Go PRIDE!

Gary Alan Miller, Executive Director

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