Friday, April 4, 2014

Each and Every Day (A.K.A. Your Keys to Success)

I imagine that each Hofstra student has unique goals and objectives, and success is not defined the same for each of you.  You are studying different fields.  You may have different ideal destinations after graduation.  You value different things, and you get to express what success means on your own terms (okay… with perhaps some input from your family).

In this post, I don’t want to try to capture all those different visions of success or what those varied outcomes and destinations are.  Rather than talk about the multitude of post-Hofstra plans you all may have, I want to talk about what personal characteristics might help you attain them.

There is a lot of talk in the internet about grit lately.  There’s also plenty of conversation about hustle and motivation and engagement and social intelligence and educational ROI.  There are appropriate amounts of emphasis on planning, planning and more planning.  All of these are being pitched as “the key” to success.

My opinion is that there is no one single key to success that fits everyone.  For you it could be finding a major that truly inspires you.  But, perhaps for your friend it is tapping into internal motivators rather than external motivators (e.g. doing something for yourself rather than for others).  For some, it may come with seemingly little effort.  But for most, it is likely a combination of factors, experiences and personal characteristics.  The question then becomes – have you explored and reflected on the factors and characteristics that are going to help make you successful?  

I do believe there is one thing that everyone can do to help them succeed – take ownership of the steps you take to get there.  Maybe will take grit and hustle.  Maybe it will take engagement and a pile of planning.  Or maybe it will take something else.  That part no doubt will be different for all.  But, the thing that binds you all together is you are journeying through life at Hofstra and each have the opportunity to make goals and pursue them.   

Certainly there is a lot about the world you can’t control.  You don’t control the job market or the economy or the cost of living.  But, that doesn’t mean you are helpless. 

Each and every day you can know yourself better.  Each and every day you can make proactive decisions. Each and every day you can positively affect your life.  Each and every day you can take steps to define success for yourself, and each and every day you can inch toward that success.  We in the Career Center want to support you throughout that process, so please feel free to schedule an appointment at any time.

Gary Alan Miller, Executive Director

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