Thursday, April 17, 2014

Job Interview Blunders

As graduation approaches, many students will be interviewing for upcoming positions.  Here are ten interview blunders, adapted from this article.

1.  When thinking about what you are going to wear to an interview, you not only want to look good but you want to be comfortable.  This includes comfortable shoes.  Ladies, if the high heels are hurting your toes so much that you can barely walk, consider a more comfortable option.  Gentlemen, if that top button on the shirt is a hint too tight, you may also want to consider a different shirt.  Try on your outfit prior to the day of the interview to make sure it still fits and you will be comfortable in it.

2.  Research the company or agency you will be interviewing with.  You may be asked, "What do you know about our company?"  You should be able to answer with something specific and concrete.  

3.  SALARY; when is the right time to bring it up? This is tricky, if you are offered the position and the salary is not included, you should ask at that point.  However, if you are flying to California for an interview you may want to talk salary soon to make sure it is worth the move.  Be careful and plan when you ask, there is no right answer.

4.  NEVER be late.  You must account for your travel time.  If your directions say it takes 35 minutes for travel time, add on at least an extra 20 minutes for unforeseen tie-ups like traffic or roadwork.  Don't forget to take into account looking for parking, especially in an area that may not have parking lots.  If you haven't traveled to the destination prior to the day of the interview, give yourself extra time in case you do get lost!

5.  DO NOT LIE or misrepresent the truth.  EVER.

6.  The world is a very small place. Do not speak badly about a former employer, even if you have a bad experience with them.  Think about what you have learned from the experience and how it makes you a better employee.

7.  If you have been told in the past that you wear too much cologne or perfume, consider toning it down for an interview. Be very careful; you want to leave a positive impact with the prospective employer because of your experiences, not the scent of your fragrance.

8.  Don't fidget, just relax! You have already been called in for an interview; they have already picked your "profile," now it is time for the "first date".  The employer wants to get to know you. JUST RELAX and be your best self.

9.  Listen to the questions being asked by the employer. We see many times during mock interviews that though students give good answers, they don't answer the question asked.  Take time to make sure you heard the question and then take a  deep breath and answer the question properly.

10.  Sean  "Puffy" Combs, during his show Making the Band, told a contestant, "I want to know that you are hungry, not desperate".  There is a very fine line between the two--an employer wants you to be eager but they do not want a doormat!

Good luck on all your upcoming interviews! If you would like to schedule a mock interview for some practice, call our office at 516-463-6060 to schedule an appointment.

Lorraine Massiah
Assistant Director

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