Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Risk IS Worth the Reward!

My name is Victoria McGuire and I am currently a Senior majoring in Industrial Engineering with minors in both Mathematics and Sustainability Studies. Throughout my time at Hofstra University, I have been a strong advocate for The Career Center and all of their services. I have received many resume critiques, attended workshops and career fairs, and utilized the Pride-CMS network as well as the on-campus recruitment service. Through my use of the Career Center’s services I have obtained a part-time engineering position with a local Lynbrook company, a full-time summer internship as an Executive Team Lead with Target, and most recently an internship as an Industrial Engineering Intern with the United Parcel Service. The career-advancing experiences I have gained through The Career Center will forever shape my future. As a resident assistant and student in general, I constantly encourage my residents and peers to utilize The Career Center and all of the services they offer.

Most recently, I attended the 2014 Spring Career Fair, which was held on Wednesday, April 2nd. As an engineering major, I was so excited when I heard there would be a new STEM section at the fair! While at the fair, I introduced myself to about four employers in the STEM section, but I wanted to fully utilize the fair so I continued to look outside of the STEM field. As an industrial engineering major, I also have the ability to work in logistics, and I know every large, nationally ranked company has a logistics department. That is when I decided to speak to employers from Target and Ikea. Though their handouts did not indicate a need for logistics interns, I still introduced myself, and by me taking the initiative both of the companies asked for my resume and said they would have someone from the department contact me within the next few weeks. We all know it is difficult to find jobs today, so you need to think outside the box and take initiative! Though this approach may not work every time it is definitely worth the effort because you never know where, when, or how you may land that dream job or internship. As students we have to take advantage of every opportunity we are granted while in college, and Hofstra University along with the Career Center has a lot to offer us, so use it!

Victoria McGuire, Class of 2014

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