Friday, May 16, 2014

How to Turn a Great Impression into a Letter of Recommendation

When applying to graduate school, to certain experiential learning opportunities, or even to jobs, you may find that you need to submit letters of recommendation as part of your application. Thinking about this requirement as early as possible puts you in a great position to start making connections and ensuring that when the time comes, not only do your professors want to write a letter on your behalf, they'll know you enough to write a great letter!

This article shares some tips on how to get a great recommendation letter from your professors. The key is to form a good relationship with the professor that shows your interest and allows you to share your accomplishments with them even after the semester is over.

The sooner you start making a great impression on your professors and show them your dedication, the easier it will be when the time comes to ask for letters of recommendation. Want advice on how to start the conversation? Just ask us!

Nayelli Perez,

Assistant Director

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