Friday, September 12, 2014

You may have never heard of these 5 careers...

Let’s face it.  Most of us came to college with a pretty limited view of how many careers there are in the world.  We are familiar with common professions like doctor, lawyer, teacher, and we may know a few uncommon professions if we have friends or family who are in those jobs.  But, more often than not, most students would have difficulty generating a long list of careers available in the world.
In that spirit, here are five career paths of which you may have never heard.  Each of these are linked to O*Net, which is a great tool for exploring careers, both familiar and not.
  1. Audiologist - This one may be easier to guess, based on its title. Audiologists work with things, people, and information related to hearing. But, did you know it’s a very fast growing career area? 
  2. Archivist – If you’re interested in history, preservation or just like organizing, you might want to consider the career of archivist.  Although associated with libraries, archivists actually work in a variety of settings, using a variety of tools and means to document things.
  3. Business Intelligence Analyst – We are in the era of big data. But, what does that mean? The world of work needs professionals who can develop and analyze information to help make business decisions. This is an area of tremendous career growth.
  4. Sustainability Specialist - These professionals create plans, set goals and track progress on issues related to sustainability.  Sustainability specialists are on-site experts in green/sustainable initiatives and can work in a variety of settings, from corporate to non-profit.
  5. Wildlife Biologist – Love animals but don’t want to be a veterinarian? Here’s a perfect way to blend those two things. Wildlife biologists can be involved in a variety of settings and perform research, write policy, educate others, coordinate programs and more.

There are, of course, thousands of career paths available to you. The question is which ones are right for you?  We’d love to help you find out or make plans to head down the path to success!

Gary Miller, Executive Director

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