Thursday, October 9, 2014

How to Rock Your Next Skype Interview

Did you see Kaitlyn’s blog yesterday? It has really great tips to prepare you to ace an interview. So if you didn’t, check it out by scrolling down after this post or clicking here! While I was reading it, I started thinking about one of the more recent methods of interviewing that has developed—the Skype interview. Skype interviews have become increasingly common in recent years, and they’re particularly helpful if you’ve applied for a position for which you would have to travel a long distance for the interview. If you’re an out-of-state student looking for a position once you return home, or are looking to relocate after graduation, Skype interviews are a great way to keep the personal feel of an interview! However, Skype interviews do come with their own nuances that you must think about and prepare for; these tips will help you stay cool, calm, and collected!

1. Choose your interview space carefully – and keep it clean!
Once you know when your Skype interview will take place, start thinking about where you’ll be connecting with the employer for the interview. You want a room that is clear and free of distractions: both for you in the room and your interviewers on screen! If you choose to take the interview in your bedroom, either in your residence hall or at home, make sure that the area that will be on screen with you is free and clear of anything that could potentially give a negative perception of you to an employer (especially things like posters, pictures, and decorations).

*Protip: Ask The Career Center! With advance notice, we can try to set aside one of our interview rooms for you to use!

2. Dress (completely) professionally!

Just because you know you’ll only be visible from the torso-up for your interview, don’t think that’s free reign to wear those Spongebob pajama pants! It might be comfy, but you’ll feel much more professional if you’re in full interview attire. Plus, if any technical glitches arise and you do need to stand up while you’re on-screen, you’re prepared!

Don’t be this guy.

3. Don’t let the glitches get you down!
Technical difficulties happen. Just as your internet connection can go down right at the crucial part of the movie you’re watching on Netflix, it can happen during a Skype interview, too. Take precautions before the interview, like making sure that you’re on a computer that has a stable connection and doing a test-run to calibrate your camera and microphone. Also make sure you provide a phone number you can be reached at during the interview time, in case they can’t connect to you or the Skype call gets dropped. Most importantly, how you handle glitches can also potentially show the employer how you can handle pressure; stay calm and have a back-up plan in place!

Best of luck on your next Skype interview! If you want to schedule a mock interview or just have some questions as you prepare, stop on in and see us!

Amy Smith, Assistant Director

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