Friday, February 27, 2015

Get Ready for March Madness!

As February wraps up, we at the Career Center have one thing on our mind: March Madness! No, I don’t mean the basketball tournament—I mean for your job and internship search! We see March being a “crunch time” month for a lot of students, as it’s when they really jump into their searches and applications for summer internships or jobs for after graduation. Here are some things to keep in mind as you ramp up your search this month:

Bring your A-game to every game!
The March Madness we all know and love is a single-elimination tournament. Now, of course, your search isn’t over because of one not-so-great interview, but you definitely want to bring a winning attitude to each and every application and interaction you have! Even if you don’t get the first position you apply for, you’ll build up your confidence and stamina to keep playing on.

Take advantage of OCR!
Many of our OCR (On-Campus Recruiting) positions have resume submission deadlines in March, with companies like GEICO, Kohl’s, Deloitte, and Grant Thornton, just to name a few! With OCR, if you are selected for an interview, your interview will take place right here in The Career Center—how convenient is that?! You can check out all the available positions on Pride-CMS: they will have (OCR) listed before the position title in our database!

Check out our awesome events!
Our Career Fair (March 11th from 11-2 in the Mack Arena!) isn’t the only event we’ve got going on in March; check out a sampling of some of our upcoming events (which, if you’re a Hofstra student, are emailed to you weekly!)
                  Out-of-State Teacher Fair: March 5th
                  No Major, No Problem: March 6th
                  GoinGlobal Workshop: March 13th
                  Professional Etiquette Dinner: March 19th
                  LinkedIn Power Hour: March 25th
                  Women’s Leadership Conference: March 27th

Caught on to the madness yet? Stop by and talk to us about how March can be the month where you score a slam dunk in getting your next internship or job!

Amy Smith,
Assistant Director

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