Thursday, March 19, 2015

Let’s Talk About “My Pillow”

When looking for an internship, job or anytime you want to put your best foot forward - it is important to have proper nutrition, to take good care of yourself and to get a good night’s sleep in order to be fresh, vibrant and your best version of yourself. 

So let’s talk sleep for a minute. And more specifically, let’s discuss the 'My Pillow'. This item is by far the best new product I have tried in a long time. Well actually it’s not exactly a new product, it’s been around for ten years now – but you’ve probably seen it “as seen on TV” or in the “as seen on TV” section of your local drug store, CVS, K-Mart or Bed Bath and Beyond. My brother gave my husband 2 of these soft and fluffy gems for his birthday in February – so naturally I ended up with one of the two and the “rest” is history. I cannot stress enough how wonderful I believe this product is and how restorative the sleep I've had as a result of using this product. You lay your head down into the cool, comfortable goodness and may not wake up until the next morning! No more tossing, turning, waking yourself up by snorting or snoring – and no more bouts of insomnia (well maybe that was just my issue). This pillow has just the right amount of support, yet not too much – just the right amount of “memory,” but not enough to leave a permanent indent or in a creepy foam form. It has just enough cool – so that there is no need to flip the pillow throughout your night’s slumber.  And for you side sleepers, there is that height that is necessary to keep your spine aligned properly, but not too much.

So get a good night’s sleep and you will be in a better position to tackle your responsibilities for the day – which may include a visit to the Hofstra Career Center – where you will have a clear mind and be better able to build your personal brand, be prepared to conquer the necessary steps for a successful internship or job search and to conquer the world in general!

Michele Roberts,
Assistant Director

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