Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Opportunities with Amazon

Today, The Career Center had the pleasure of hosting representatives from Amazon. If you are like me, you are very familiar with Amazon. I am proud to say that the UPS truck makes many stops at my house to drop off the familiar brown boxes. 

Did you ever wonder how Amazon goes from showing you a product online, to having it arrive at your doorstep? And who are the people responsible for that process?

Our new friends at Amazon have been speaking to students about their available area manager positions. As an area manager, you can be supervising anywhere from 30-80 people right out of college! Amazon has an extensive training program where they teach managers the ins-and-outs of this growing and international business, while providing mentorship for anything from leadership skills to navigating the company pension program.

So, the next time you open a package from Amazon, take a moment to think about all of the people who have worked to get that package to you, and consider becoming one of them!

Check out Amazon’s posting on PrideCMS for more information.

Darlene Johnson,
Director of External Relations

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