Thursday, May 7, 2015

Find Your Career

My favorite part of being a career counselor and working at The Career Center is helping students and alumni figure out their career and/or major. At The Career Center, we offer various tools and resources to help students with their career exploration and decision-making. And, as a career counselor, I am always on the lookout for articles that offer tips on this aspect of what I do. Recently, the website, Mind Body Green, posted the article 10 Questions to Help You Tap Into Your Purpose, which lists questions people could ask themselves when they are figuring out their path:

1. What’s my hunch about what I should do next?
2. What have I previously dismissed that is something I’d really like to do?
3. Who in my life would be unconditionally supportive toward me as I try to achieve my goals?
4. Who in my life has a strong opinion about what I should be doing?
5. What real world experience could I pursue to give me more insight into my path?
6. Who could I talk to who is already doing what I want to be doing?
7. What’s most important to me right now?
8. What will inspire me to take action?
9. Is there anything I need to let go of that is currently keeping me stuck?
10. What’s the next small, real world step that I see in front of me?

Check out the article to see how these questions can help you find your career!

Nayelli Perez,
Assistant Director

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