Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The New Girl/The New Guy

Starting a new job or internship is nerve-wrecking and exciting all at the same time. You were able to lock down the position you were aiming for, and as thrilled as you are, you are now entering into unchartered territory. You will be the “new girl or guy,” in the company.  As you try to learn the company’s culture and everyone’s name and job title, there are a few key factors to always keep in mind:
  • Be Confident. Don’t underestimate yourself, you were able to land your dream position and here is your chance to prove yourself.
  • Be Willing to Learn. There will be a lot of new work for you to take on, so have your pen, note pad, and an open-mind ready to learn.
  • Be Friendly. Be open to meeting everyone, keep a smile on your face and introduce yourself.
  • Be Prepared. Be ready for whatever may be thrown at you, whether it is a heavy work load, adjusting to new personalities or navigating yourself around the facility.

Being the new person at work is never easy, but keep in mind that everyone has been the new person at some point. Everyone has experienced those same butterflies. 

Nalani Goonetilleke,
External Relations Intern

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