Thursday, October 29, 2015

Meet Our HU Students: Ryan Maher

Name: Ryan Maher
Hometown: Manahawkin, New Jersey
Major: Music Merchandising

When you were young, what did you think you wanted to be "when you grow up?"
When I was young, it was always my dream to play in a band professionally. Playing music, specifically guitar, was my passion and there was nothing else I wanted to do besides create music and perform for others. Though my career goals have changed slightly, I am happy to still play with a band comprised of some of my closest friends from back home in New Jersey.

What career do you hope your first job after graduate will be?
As always, music is my passion, and nothing would make me happier than the opportunity to work within the Music Industry. Whether it be booking, publishing, management, or a record label, my ultimate goal is to have music play a vital role in my future career.

What experience have you had so far that you think is best preparing you to reach that goal?
During my time at Hofstra, by far the best experience I have had that is preparing me for my goal is my internship with the Clubs & Theatres Marketing Department of Live Nation NYC, which I am currently still a part of. I began working with them during the summer and I have had the amazing opportunity to continue working with them through the fall; through this internship I have learned so much about an area of the Music Industry that I once knew very little about and developed a deep appreciation and passion for live music. I am happy to say that I truly love my internship, and that the impact it has had on me is immeasurable.

What advice would you have for others who are pursuing this same career?
My advice to anybody who wishes to pursue a career within the music industry is to INTERN, INTERN, and INTERN. This industry is all about experience and connections, and the best way to get involved is to experience as much of it as you can and meet as many people as you can. There are so many parts of this industry, and the only way to discover what you like and dislike is to try as much of it as you can. Apply to as many places as you can, and be open to any opportunities that present themselves to you! My other suggestion is to get involved with Hofstra’s Music Industry club, MEISA (Music and Entertainment Industry Student Association)! I serve on the E-Board for this incredible organization; our meetings focus on all things music industry. Every spring we hold a Conference in which we bring in representatives from various Music Industry companies to speak to students. In the past, we have had representatives from companies such as Live Nation, Round Hill Music, Mick Management, and more! It’s an invaluable networking opportunity! If you are interested in MEISA, like us on Facebook (HU MEISA) or shoot us an email at Students from all majors are welcome to join!

Who at Hofstra has had the biggest positive impact on you?
This is a very tough question to answer because there are so many incredible people at this university that have had positive impacts on me. If I had to pick ONE though, I would have to say Amy Smith. Amy is a counselor at the Career Center whom I have had many appointments with. Since my Freshman year she has helped me through just about every college-related freak out that I’ve had; during my Freshman year I was seriously questioning my major and career path, and without a doubt she is the one that really helped me to discover that my passion lies within the Music Industry, as well as developing an awesome resume and helping me nail my interview with Live Nation! I cannot thank her enough for all that she has done for me, especially putting up with my shenanigans when I’m working at the Career Center!

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