Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Mental Health, Keep Your Mind Sharp!

Feeling stressed out? Take a walk. Feeling tired? Eat an apple. There are many ways you can boost your mind, body and soul.

Personally, eating healthy and exercising ~3x a week helps me refocus my mind. That is what works for me. Eating fresh fruits, taking a 20 minute walk, doing yoga to start your day… find your niche!

It takes time to train your mind but it can be done!

10 Quick and Easy Ways to Improve your Mental Health!
  1. Mind Your Body: exercise and proper diet
  2. Volunteer: discover the benefits of giving back
  3. Relax More: find time for yourself
  4. Associate With Positive People: positive people = positive attitude = positive mind
  5. Eliminate Bad Habits: you can achieve a better frame of mind 
  6. Ask For Help When Needed: there is nothing wrong with asking for help
  7. Do More of What Makes You Happy: commit to doing it more often
  8. Set Life Goals: create direction, work towards your goals 
  9. Keep a Diary: reflection can help you improve your daily lives 
  10. Communicate More: ask for help, ask questions, seek solutions
Try some of these to improve your mental health. This will help you in your daily lives!
Stress the importance of Mental Health to your co-workers, classmates, colleges etc.
Be the best you can be!

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