Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Myths of Career Fairs

There are two kinds of people:
  1. Those who go to Career Fairs
  2. Those who don't
And in my time at the Career Center I've heard many reasons why students do not attend, but I'm going to focus on the 3 main ones and bust those myths!

1. I can't go, I'm only a first-year student or Sophomore!

Yes, a lot of companies are looking for Juniors or Seniors for various internship and full-time opportunities. But that doesn't mean as a first-year student or Sophomore you're not eligible to attend! Attending career fairs is a skill that can be practiced, especially if you've never attended one before (it can be overwhelming at first!). By attending you can get comfortable with the process, as well as prepare for opportunities in the future. Let's say there is a company you KNOW you want to intern with, but unfortunately, they can only take Juniors. As a first-year student, you'd probably feel out of luck. But by attending the career fair and talking to the recruiter can help you gain insight on the types of experiences they want to see on your resume, so by the time you're a Junior, you will be the ideal candidate!

2. I'm not looking for a full-time job right now!

Yes, recruiters are looking to fill full-time opportunities, but a lot of recruiters are also looking to fill internship and volunteer opportunities as well! Similarly to the situation in the first myth, even if you attend just to get comfortable with the process, it gives you a pretty good idea of what types of opportunities there are and what you can do to prepare to be the ideal candidate when the time is right!

3. There are no companies coming for my major!

Totally a myth. Most companies are looking to fill a diverse number of positions, and the company name is not always a perfect representation of what those positions are. A real estate company is not always looking for real estate agents, they could be looking for an event management intern! The tip here is to be open to different companies and organizations, as well as do some research on the types of positions looking to be filled. When you attend a Hofstra Career Fair, we provide you with a booklet of all the employers and jobs to be filled. I suggest taking some time to review that book and see what companies are hiring for the types of position you want to apply, you might be surprised which company it could be!

In the end, a Career Fair can be a very rewarding experience in more ways than one. So be sure to stop by our Career Fair today, at the Mack Sports Exhibition Complex from 11-2, or to any of our upcoming Career Fairs (all can be found in the 'Events' section in Handshake). And if you feel you want some preparation for the fair, be sure to reach out to all the folks at The Career Center, we're here to help!

Anne Monique Concepcion,
Graduate Assistant

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