Thursday, November 5, 2015

Interview Deal Breakers

Hello Students, 

Recently while at the Career Fair I took an informal poll asking employers what are things potential candidates say or do that cost them the job?  Here are the top 10 interview deal breakers
  1. Bad breath (when working in sales and dealing with clients major deal breaker)
  2. Coming late to an interview (allow yourself enough time for travel and parking or subway delays)
  3. Poor eye contact (looking someone in the eye builds trust and confidence with an employer)
  4. Asking the pay in the 1st interview (do your research, know the salary range of your industry)
  5. Not knowing the company or what they do (research what the company does and find out as much about them as you can)
  6. Making answers too broad (be able to give specific examples  of your work, we suggest the STAR method)
  7. Not asking any questions once the interviewer has finished with his questions (have at least one or two questions that you would like to know about the company that you did find out during your research
  8. NO CURSING or SLANG (no explaining necessary)
  9. Not understanding the job description (read the job description and know how to express how you will be able to do that job)
  10. Not showing eagerness for the job (show the employer you are happy to be interviewed but not a doormat, find the balance)

Hope this information helps in your job search to learn what to do and what not to do!

Lorraine Massiah,
Assistant Director

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