Thursday, September 29, 2016

Some important ways to maintain self-care and remember to make time for fun!

Can you believe it’s already October? Now, if you’re a Libra like me whose birthday falls this month, you understand the annual excitement that is your birthday, but also the stress of balancing midterms and class assignments that usually pile up around this time. Throw in some career fairs, job searching, or an internship, and you’ve got yourself a perfect storm to forget about the fun side of life! Whether you have something to celebrate or not, it’s important to maintain your self-care and bring your best self forward. Here are some ways I try to maintain self-care and remember to make time for fun:

* Carry a planner and write EVERYTHING down – this helps you keep track of tests, assignment due dates, club meetings, and any other commitments you may have that could sneak up on you.

* Meal time is for meals, and not work! – First of all, make time for meals. But secondly, let this time be time you listen to music and unwind, read a book, or eat with friends you haven’t seen lately because of all your commitments.

* Try out deep breathing exercises – Breathing exercises are a very easy way to relieve stress because you can do them anywhere! Next time you’re feeling stressed while walking to your next meeting, do some deep-belly-breathing exercises to regulate your air intake.

* Try out grounding techniques – This is helpful to relieve any anxiety you may be feeling and can also be done anywhere. Look around you identify (5) things you’re seeing, (4) things you’re hearing, (3) things you’re smelling, (2) things you can touch, and (1) thing you can taste.

* Always have something to look forward to – Find and schedule time to celebrate big and little things (and write them in your planner)! Whether it’s a birthday or submitting in your midterm assignment, reward yourself with your favorite treat or plan a bigger celebration for the important events, and make a countdown! Having something to look forward to makes your busy days go by faster!

And remember, if you feel The Career Center can support you, don’t hesitate to reach out! Give us a call at (516) 463-6060 or stop by M. Robert Lowe Hall to set up an appointment!

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