Sunday, October 16, 2016

The best way to be a STAND-OUT candidate!

Imagine that you have a problem. There’s something that needs to get done and your job is to find the right person to get that thing done. You have people counting on you to choose the right person to do this work! What do you do?!

You decide that your first step is to tell everyone you know (and the internet) all about the thing that needs to get done. You start writing and include all of the aspects that are most important to you, those that are critical to your team, and then you add in a few attributes that you would just really like to see in someone you bring in to do the work. Then, you wait; you wait for people to answer your call for help. And they do! It’s so exciting! People want to fix your problem!

A lot of people want to fix your problem. You now have a large file of documents from people who want to fix your problem. You’ve decided you’d like to talk to at least three of them in person. How do you get this stack of 50 down to three? Seriously—how do you do it? Take a moment and think about what your strategy might be. What do you focus on first? Second? Is there a way to immediately eliminate any applicants?

Knowing how the hiring process works is the best way to be a stand-out candidate! Always put yourself in the mind of the person who is hiring when you are writing your application materials. Think about what steps they go through in getting a stack of 50 applications down to five or fewer for in-person interviews. Think about how they will evaluate your experience, education, and interest. They’re looking for your story, but more specifically, your unique story as it relates to their problem (job description). How can you share with them how you are going to fix their problem?

Make a lasting impression at the 2016 Fall Career Fair on November 2nd! Be that person who can fix an employer's problem! Don't know where to start? Feel free to give us a call at (516) 463-6060 or stop in to make an appointment with a career counselor at any time!

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