Wednesday, January 11, 2017

What did you keep putting off during fall semester?

After the holidays and celebrations, you still have a few weeks before spring semester kicks off.  If you traveled to your hometown or simply drove down the road as usual, take the time to reflect on your time off and identify a couple of things you would like to accomplish.  

What did you keep putting off during fall semester?  What might you be able to accomplish now?  Connect with old friends, visit distant family, volunteer locally, or even take advantage of university resources.  

Believe it or not, most student services offices remain open during winter break, including The Career Center.  Did your family or friends ask about your post-graduation plans?  Did you think about perhaps securing a spring or summer internship?  Did you want to update your resume and meet with your career counselor?  

If so, feel free to schedule either an in-person or phone appointment by calling us at 516-463-6060 or using The Career Hub’s online scheduler.  Use the down time to prepare for spring semester and beyond!  Enjoy and see you soon.  

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