Thursday, February 16, 2017

LOVE what you DO

Let’s face it, life is short.  Each day that goes by we will never get back so we must make the most of the time that is given to us.  That is why choosing a career is so important!  If we are going to do something for the immediate future, it should be something we enjoy doing.

Money, unfortunately, does play a role in our decision making because we need money to survive and prosper.  Whether money is something you value also plays a role in what type of career you choose.  If you love money, you may settle for a position you do not care for because the money you receive will compensate for your overall unhappiness of the position.  If money is something you do not value, and you would rather spend your time doing something you love, you may decide on a career that fits your interests and values more accurately but may not have a large financial compensation.

The relationship between money and love of job is not so direct as the one I just illustrated for you.  I once had a friend who loved to draw and paint.  Most would think that a career in art would not offer a very high salary.  However, this man was in love with drawing and painting and wanted to make a career of it.  He ended up starting his own stamp business where he designed special stamps and made a ton of profit.  He had a passion for something as well as the innovation to find where his skillset could be used to make the most money in this society.  He chose stamps and never looked back.

Find what you love.  Do some soul searching.  Find out who you are and what makes you happy and pursue it.

DO what you LOVE.

Scott Davidson, Career Center Graduate Assistant 

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