Tuesday, March 7, 2017

It’s ALL about Hustle!

“Am I too late?”

It’s a question that we often hear in the Career Center. And the answer is always, “no!” You’re never too late to start working toward a summer internship, even if it’s the last week in May. It’s all about how much hustle you have.

There are two types of internships:

Posted internships: These have a job description, a deadline, a start date, and they are posted online. You can find posted internships by searching on Handshake, using online job boards like indeed.com, or by visiting company websites directly. You’ll follow the instructions to apply for these internships, and yes, they have application deadlines. These deadlines vary though, so stay on the search!

Not-posted internships: these are the internships that you have to use hustle to find, but they’re worth it! The great thing about internships is that, unlike full-time positions, they are easy for organizations to create on the fly for the right person. You just have to show that you are the right person! Not-posted internship positions can be started at any time, so you’re never too late.
How do you find a not-posted internship? It’s all about hustle!

* Talk with friends, family, and professors to ask for advice on where to look
* Identify organizations in which you are interested (the Career Center can help you search!)
* Utilize LinkedIn to find connections with Hofstra alumni
* Contact organizations and professionals directly via phone or email (or drop by!)
* Be prepared to talk about what you have to offer (the Career Center can help you tell your story!)
* Ask open-ended questions that start conversations with contacts

As long as you have hustle, it’s not too late to get that summer internship, even if it’s the last week in May! 

And, don’t forget to drop by the Hofstra Career Fair on Wednesday, April 5th from 11am-2pm in the Mack Arena.

     Lisa Tandan, M.Ed, NCC 
     Director of Career Development and Assessment

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