Friday, April 21, 2017

Job Search and Dating – A Parallel Universe

Often times when I meet with students, I use analogies to simplify concepts. This approach ensures that we are on the same page.  My favorite analogy is comparing dating and job searching... They are essentially the same.


What is your resume? A profile are putting your best foot forward and presenting the best PICTURE of yourself both on paper and in a photograph.

Why are you called for an interview? Based on the “picture” you sent and the content you provided... you were selected for “a date".

How should you dress?  Both for a date and interview.... you must look presentable base on location or industry.

What does a first date look like?  Maybe coffee or a quick bite at Starbucks... the 1st interview usually is a “screening”  and if you did well in either you will be called back.

Why didn’t you hear back from the date or the interviewer?  No chemistry or not a good fit....Have you ever gone out with someone and you just did no like them, for no reason at all? Same with an interview, sometimes they just liked someone better.  

Second interview to "meet the team”! This is the equivalent to taking the new partner to a family wedding or holiday dinner to meet DAD or THE BOSS....  You (1st interviewer) is  hoping the team/family like the pick as much as you do.  It’s your job in both cases to impress them (don’t be fake) with your charm.  Know your industry and stay away from hot topics like race, religion and politics in both cases.

Job offer aka the proposal – this is evaluation time! Are you ready to make this level of commitment? Is this a right fit for you?....  If the stars are not aligned, let the person know and this way they can find someone who wants to be that relationship or company.  Don’t make decisions based on not wanting to “be alone” or unemployed.  

So my words of advice in both scenarios Don’t be a desperate dater or job seeker.

Lorraine Massiah
Assistant Director, Career Center

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