Thursday, April 6, 2017

Snag that next dream internship, graduate assistantship, or employment opportunity!

With Summer fast approaching, various interviews are being conducted for internships, graduate assistantships, and employment opportunities. No one can deny how nerve-racking an interview can be, but we hope these 6 tips will help you land that dream experience!

1. Do your research on the company.
An employer does not want to hire someone who has no knowledge of their company. Go on their website, and read up not only on your department, but others as well. Especially note the company’s mission statement. If possible, speak to someone who is currently working there. While in the interview, you should try to incorporate the organization’s values in your answers.

2. Prepare questions you are likely to be asked.
A question that is almost a guarantee is the classic “Tell me about yourself”. Sounds easy, right? However, this question is deceptively hard to answer because it is so vague. The key to answering this question is showing you will fit in their company, bring about their desired goals, and elevate it with your skill set. To do so you need to highlight your successes, past involvements, and strengths.

3. Have questions for the interviewer.
This tip ties into your research. Never ask the employer a question that is easily answered on their website. A good question to always ask is “What is your favorite aspect of working here?” Afterwards, be sure to say “Thank you!” for the interview. Everyone loves to be appreciated, and they did choose you.

4. Choose what you wear with care.
The importance of this tip cannot be overstated. Often, employers know within the first ten minutes of an interview whether they are going to hire someone. This is because first impressions matter. One way to make an excellent first impression is by choosing an outfit that is appropriate, modest, and not too flashy. They say that the best color to wear is navy blue because it portrays that you are calm and to be trusted.

5. Remember your body language
Be sure to have a good, firm handshake, sit up straight, and have your shoulders back. Try to be confident, but not cocky. In addition, have consistent eye contact and smile. This will all help improve your first impression.

6. Sign up at the Career Center for a mock interview!
Afterwards, continue to practice with a friend or family member. The more prepared you are, the better you will come across in the interview.

~Wishing you all the best of luck~

 Kristi Rieker 
Career Center Fellow 

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