Thursday, November 2, 2017

This Week’s Homework Assignment is to Embrace Success

With the Career Center wrapping up the last of our Fall Career Fairs this week, we wanted to ask you, the students, about your “Why”. Why did you go to the fair? Why did you not? Why are you postponing your own success? Why are you taking advantage of some opportunities, but not others? We want to hear your voice and know your story, but it is important for you to come out and share it.
Below, Professor Vickerie of the Department of Management & Entrepreneurship in the Zarb School of Business provides advice designed to help you answer maybe some of your own “whys” and understand how to propel your own success. Professor Vickerie has her BBA 100 class attend the Fall Career Fair as part of their curriculum. She encourages her students to attend career fairs as it is the perfect way to create an impactful moment. Many of her freshmen and sophomore students were nervous and unsure of themselves before they entered the massive room with over 125 organizations. Yet, over half left with promises for an upcoming interview!

So check out her words of wisdom, and stop by the Student Center Atrium on Wednesday, November 8th to provide the Career Center with some feedback about how we can best serve you!

Dear Students,

You have the ability but it is your job to develop a toolbox that will enable you to shape your own path to success.

YOU!!! You AND your friends!!! You and your friends need to talk to as many potential employers that connect with your interests. You want to give yourself options to choose between internships rather than only having one or none.

As early as possible! You should be going to a career fair in your first year! The main point is to get as much practice as possible with presenting yourself to a potential employer, both in person and on paper. Even though you may not get a job at the first career fair you go to, more than anything else, attending multiple fairs will help you hone your skills for the big game later.

Professor Vickerie

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