Wednesday, December 6, 2017

10 Ways to ~Work It~ in the Workplace

You went through the interview process and have now landed your dream job. You want to make a good impression, but there are just some things that are total no-no’s when it comes to the workplace. Although there are many, there are a few I have found to be crucial to success, no matter what the atmosphere you work in. Keep reading to get the 10 best ways to ~work it~ in the workplace and get you on your way to your best professional life:

#1: DON’T dress inappropriately! You need to dress appropriately. Although different industries call for different attire, you need to make sure even if it is just business casual that you don’t take the casual part too far. My advice to you, if you have to second guess yourself when you look in the mirror right before leaving for work, you should probably change whatever outfit you have on. What do I mean by this? Maybe for women it is that your dress or skirt is too short or that your shirt is cut a little too low. For men, it could be as simple as using a belt so that your pants are not hanging down.

#2: DON’T talk too much about your personal life in the office.
It is nice to have friends at work, but when others hear what you are talking about, it may be deemed “TMI.” Don’t bring your personal life to the office. The two need to be separated. So, my suggestion, if you do have that close friend at work you would like to talk to about personal issues, go out to lunch to discuss them!

#3 DO be open-minded. Understand that not everyone is going to share the same ideas or opinions. In order to work in a collaborative office, this is essential.

#4 DO arrive early. People notice when you are in early and ready to start the day before everyone else. Not only does this apply to the workday, but meetings as well. Do not set up a meeting with someone and then forget. Not only is this rude but it looks like you don’t care.

#5 DO offer to work on a new project or complete a task you haven’t before. This will showcase your confidence in the task as well as showing that you are a team player. Everyone LOVES a team player!

#6 DON’T gossip.
Gossiping is NEVER a good look, especially if you are the new kid on the block. The only person you are hurting in this situation is yourself. You will create a hurdle for yourself to jump over in the future when you need to work with that individual on a project.

#7 DON’T “reply all” on every email. Understand when and when not to hit reply all on an email. Sometimes is it necessary, other times not so much and it can get annoying being on the receiving end of pointless emails.
#8 DO bring in treats for your co-workers. Try to see if anyone is allergic to anything first. People always appreciate a little something to snack on while at work.

#9 DON’T ignore advice from your boss or supervisor.
These individuals have been in the game a lot longer than you have and know a thing or two about the company, position, or simple tasks you complete on a day to day basis. Chances are, they were in your position at one point and know the ins and the outs. They would not be giving you advice if they did not think you were capable of the job- they want to help you out and watch you succeed!

#10 DO smile and say hello. Everyone always remembers the person that smiled and said hello to them in the lobby or in the parking lot. Even if you do not work with them directly at the moment, you could be introduced to them in the future. MAYBE even apply for a position that reports to them, and that impression that have of you already will put you in a promising position. Your smile will always brighten someone’s day no matter what, even if it is just one person.

Good luck with finals and have a wonderful winter break!
Clare Dieumegard
External Relations Graduate Intern

Hofstra Career Center

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