Wednesday, February 7, 2018

New Semester, New opportunities to say YES!

Syllabus week is over, events on campus are picking up again, you’re looking at the weather report wondering about the next chance for a snow day… yup, we’re back in the swing of the Spring Semester! Coming back after the Winter Break gives us a chance to hit the reset button, too. Fall Semester can be hectic, and taking a few weeks to recharge is key in approaching the new semester (and the new year) with a different perspective and open mind. This also may leave you thinking about opportunities in front of you that, for whatever reason, you didn’t take advantage of. Why was that? What were the things that stopped you? Now that you get to reflect, were there things you would have done differently? Would you have said YES, rather than no?

This is something that I was thinking about quite a bit over the break, myself; I was reading an article about what we can learn from saying YES to these chances, even if we are unsure, scared, or afraid of failure. When we say YES, we are opening ourselves up to the possibility of learning more, growing more, and finding new things that we’d never thought possible. In a time where our attention is drawn in multiple directions to all the different priorities we have, it may seem like saying YES is something that punches you a one-way ticket to being overwhelmed. But what if that thing you say YES to leads you to discover something else, and gives you the key to opening another door? If you say no, you’ll never know.

Here at the Career Center, we’ve been doing just that. Towards the end of the Fall Semester, we were approached by students in Theta Tau, Hofstra’s Engineering fraternity, who asked us to work with them to create an event connecting students interested in positions in Engineering and Computer Science with employers in those fields. We, of course, said YES – and that led to our first-ever Engineering and Computer Science Career Fair, which will be held on Wednesday, February 21st from 11-1 in Hofstra USA! We have over 30 employers registered as of today, seeking students for internship, co-op, part-time, and full-time positions (If you’re interested in seeing the companies that will be attending, check out the fair on Handshake!)

What will YOU say YES to in Spring 2018? It might be joining a new club, taking on a new role, changing your major, or pursuing an opportunity that looks great for you – the possibilities are endless! And, of course, if we at the Career Center can help you, let us know.

Happy YES-ing!

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