Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Fall in Love With Your Career

It is officially Fall, a time of change and new opportunity. With the many meetings, classes, and events Hofstra has to offer, it can be challenging to take a few minutes to reflect on your job or internship search. As our Career Fairs are approaching, you may be wondering what employers to be targeting. The job or internship search can become overwhelming and frustrating, especially as our society places a large emphasis on “the dream job.” 

I am here to ease those anxieties. Not everyone’s dream job is attainable as soon as they graduate college. Things that are valuable and worthwhile take time and effort! And that is why you need to use all of your resources. The Career Center is here to help; we can give you the tools to develop career readiness and understand each person has a unique path.
As I graduate in December and begin my own job search process. I have been continuously reflecting on what has led people to their current roles today. Below are some of the answers the advisors at the Career Center were kind enough to share with me, and I would like to share with you.  

What did you study in college? 
“ I majored in psychology and minored in sociology. After that I had a series of jobs that I didn’t particularly love. Then, 7 years after getting my bachelor’s degree, I went back to school for a master’s in Career Development. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made!” 
-       Darlene London Johnson, Director of External Relations

What was your first job out of college?
“I worked at a non profit organization after college, where I managed an internship program and the communications work for the foundation.   I learned a great deal about professionalism and creating and maintaining professional relationships.  I also learned that the amount of preparation I did before a meeting was directly correlated to how confident I was in that meeting.”
-       Michelle Kyriakides, Executive Director 

What has led to your current role at The Career Center at Hofstra University?
Networking! The previous Executive Director [of The Career Center] was also my spin instructor.  I told him how I was looking for a job and he suggested I apply for a job with him at the Career Center.” 
-       Lorraine Massiah, Assistant Director for Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives 

What do you love about your current role? 
“I love that no two days are alike, everyday is a new way to help students. My favorite part of my job is watching the light go off in a student’s mind when they discover their passion, whether in the classroom, on their internship, during a leadership opportunity, or just by exploring their interests in a one on one appointment.”
-       Sabeen Sheikh, Assistant Director of Outreach and Special Programs

With these answers in mind, I hope this provides a bit of clarity on how all career paths are diverse, even among those who are in the same organization.  If you find yourself struggling in your career path, make an appointment with us by calling 516-463-6060.

~Wishing you a wonderful semester~

Kristi Riecker
Graduate Assistant of Career Development 

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