Friday, October 19, 2018

Tips for Choosing a Career Path

Choosing a career path can be stressful, there's no doubt about it! There are many people throughout your college career who will help guide you. Keeping an open mind is one of the most important factors in choosing a career. You never know where you may land! The Career Center and the Division of Student Affairs at Hofstra are here to help! In honor of Careers in Student Affairs Month, a month dedicated to the celebration of Higher Education and Student Affairs professionals, the DSA has provided some career tips! 

"Make your potential future employer feel special! Connect the dots for the person reading your application – use your cover letter to show how you fulfill their specific needs as outlined in the job description, or preempt any questions the hiring manager may have about the application. Pay attention to keywords in the position descriptions and use bold font to draw the reader’s eye! Brevity is also key – chances are a recruiter or hiring manager is pouring over lots of applications, so make their job easier by hitting your points in an organized, succinct fashion!"
-Denise Campos, Assistant Director, Student Leadership and Engagement 

"I have learned that by saying yes to opportunities that present themselves despite my own fears, the experiences and rewards have far outweighed the negatives. Some of these opportunities have opened up new avenues for personal and professional growth. The exposure to show my talents to colleagues whom I generally do not interact with gives me a level of visibility that opens new doors and the ability to participate in new endeavors within Student Affairs."
-Novia Ramsay, Director of Operations, Office of Residence Life 

“Most people don’t go to college thinking they will end up working in a college – I sure didn’t!  But, I’m so happy that I found out about this career along the way.  Ask a student affairs pro what they love about their job, and you may discover a whole new path that you hadn’t thought about previously.”
-Michelle Kyriakides, Executive Director, The Career Center

With these in mind, remember to keep your options open and to always keep learning. Challenge yourself to explore new opportunities and to work outside of your comfort zone. Every experience you have while in college will help lead your career path, so make the most out of each! 

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