Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Bringing Your A-Game: Second Semester and Beyond

As the winter break comes to an end, it is easy to find difficulty in getting back into the swing of things. You are halfway there and can almost feel that sweet, summer break at your fingertips. The finish line may be in sight, but you have some responsibilities to see through before you can start basking in the sun. There are a number of great habits that you can develop now that will help get you through the home stretch. The habits outlined below can help you bring your A-game throughout your academic endeavors.

  1. Prepare the night before- the simplest tasks can prove to be grueling in the morning. Take time at night to pack your backpack and meal prep your lunches. Having your daily necessities already accounted for will help you sleep easy (a full 8 hours, of course!)
  2. Show up early- with all the time you’re saving by prepping for your day the night before, do your best to show up to class a little earlier than normal. This extra time will give you a chance to settle in while also making a good impression on your professors. Developing this habit will also prove to be useful in the workplace, especially when you’re gunning for that promotion!
  3. Prioritize- as a college student, there is no doubt that you have a ton of different responsibilities that you must tend to on a regular basis. Plan out your days and determine the tasks that deserve your undivided attention from the very start. Mastering the prioritizing skill set will prove to be essential in the workplace as well. Assess what is truly essential and what can be saved for a future time slot.
  4. Ask Questions- there is NO SUCH THING as a dumb question. In fact, asking questions is how new ideas come to be, some of which can spark the foundation of clubs, organizations, and even new committees at work. Inquisitiveness and creativity go hand-in-hand, so you never know what could come of your questioning!
These 4 awesome tips are sure to help you achieve success during this upcoming spring semester. In fact, developing these habits now will also set you up for success as you enter the workforce as a professional! From meal prep to prioritization, your future starts now! ALWAYS bring your A-game!

Sabrina Iaria
Career Advisor
The Career Center

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