Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Television Production and Studies and Fine Arts: Design

What is your major and what year are you?
I am a sophomore, double majoring in Television Production and Studies and Fine Arts: Design. 

What made you choose your major and/or career path?
Though I came to Hofstra as a Film major, I had every intention of making television. However, I chose Film because, at the time, the television I wanted to produce was more dramatic, and cinematic, something that aligns closer with studying Film. After visiting ABC Studios with my LLC in the Netherlands, I fell in love with the fast-paced environment of live TV, and immediately made the switch. Design has always been something I was passionate about, and they seemed like natural companions.

Did the Career Center assist you and how? 
The Career Center has been integral in my hunt for a summer internship. Television internships can be incredibly intimidating, and with my little knowledge on the fundamentals of making a resume, and presenting myself for hire, I was nervous to say the least. With the help of Darlene Johnson, the Director of External Relations, I was able to confidently submit my resume and cover letter to some of the biggest names in live television.
Additionally, I was able to value what activities I was involved in on campus. Before going to the Career Center, I was insecure about my experience, activities and strengths. Darlene assured me that, while my experience is not in my field, it is still valid, which certainly boosted my confidence. 

What is your most memorable career-related experience?
Having the opportunity to visit ABC Studios, and visit what will one day hopefully be my place of work, was incredibly memorable and impactful on my professional future. 

How has your on-campus involvement helped you market yourself to employers?
Being involved not only shows dedication, but a skill in time management - something essential to employment. Having the ability to market yourself as a well-rounded student, who is obviously passionate about impacting their community, is certainly something worth mentioning during interviews.

What advice would you give to a student looking for an internship?
I would tell students looking for internships to reach out to potential employers to set yourself apart from students applying through their portal. Try to reach out to students with internships within your field, and see if they have any advice/contacts.

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