Thursday, October 27, 2011

Birthday + Facebook = Networking

Today is my Thirtieth Birthday, yea I am admitting it. Currently  it is 11:00AM and as I check my facebook page I have almost 100 people wishing me a Happy Birthday.  These are friends, family, coworkers and acquaintances.  What makes this important?  This is my social network, people that know about me in many different ways.  Networking starts here when you are looking for a job and those people wishing you a Happy Birthday on your Facebook page might be the key to the next step in life.

I look back at the past thirty years in the world of careers and I remember when a college degree was all you required to get hired.  Over the past ten years, in conjunction with the downturn of the economy, a college degree is only one piece of the puzzle to gaining employment.  You also have to have internship experience and a network to lean on when the time comes for the job hunt.

Take it from me and my age old wisdom, as the years progress, so does the world or employment and careers.  Start early building your network and when you’re ready, close your eyes, blow out that candle and make a wish for the job of your dreams.

~Joseph Gebbie, Assistant Director, The Career Center

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